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World Defense Channel's Guild Space
Saturday, 4 April

Overview Edit

Guild MembersEdit

This is currently under work.

Save the drama fo' yo mama.

The main stuff
This guild is a main-PvP guild, and is sort of family orientated. We are mainly focused on the 70-80s in PvP and now PvE. But we would appreciate ANY PvP-likers and or PvE likers to join our guild.

About the GuildEdit

More info on the guild
World Defense Channel is a PvP guild (relatively big!) and has fun, mainly in the upper 70-80 levels, although we do have those little low level twinks and alts :). This guild is located in the Shattered Hand US server, which is based in the Eastern USA server farm. This guild has recently hit over 225 members in the past few weeks and we're happy about that :D and so far we're mainly alliance, but we may spread out to the horde in sometime. Contact in game Aellerian/Federer for recruiting. We only have rules on respecting each other and having fun as we're not that serious. to be continued...

This guild was created on January 1st 2007. now we currently have 200+ members.

-Like PvP
-Just a plain friendly person

Not really as uh... we aren't that "into" schedules, we just do BGs on a daily/weekly basis (varies for players)

Who we RecruitEdit

-People who love PvP/BG
-People who want to be in a guild
-Almost everyone who just wants a fun PvP guild :D

BG StatusEdit

There is an addon in the works, I just haven't remembered the name..
Ruin Battlegroup
Level 80 Division
AV - Accomplished 1st premade 7/4/07, and many of our guild have broken into groups to go in the nonpremade AVs

AB - We have had many of our guildies break into little groups to go in separate ABs (no premade as of yet..)

WSG - Status Unknown.

EoTS - Status Unknown.

Level 60-69 Division (excludes the 51-60 AV)
AV(61-69) - Has not been attempted.

AB - Guildies have most likely gone into groups into these BGs

WSG - Successful guildies have made groups in these

EoTS(non60) - Status Unknown.

Level 51-60 AV
AV - We need more members of this level to attempt anything at the moment (only 2 elegible I think)

For the others we haven't been keeping as much track as the majority of our guild is 70 and up. But this data shall be updated when applicable.

Will be Updated soon....

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