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General Information Edit

Server: Server:Shadow Council US

Faction: Alliance


Wolves Kingdom is a medium RP guild with a current active roster of 40+ members. Members do stay in-character(IC) most times, especially while speaking aloud in "/say" and when interacting with other players. Within the guild chat channel, however, out-of-character(OOC) conversations can and do take place along with IC ones. Similarly, when in instances, battlegrounds, or raiding parties, it is not required to stay in character as it can be impractical and distractive in the course of battling.

Many members of the guild have their hearthstones set to Astranaar or Darnassus and are often dedicated to defending the night elven territories as well as the rest of Ashenvale, Darkshore, and Teldrassil from members of the Horde who invade it in World PvP outside of battlegrounds. They are also encouraged to join in the defense of other Alliance towns and cities which are under siege.

Overall, the guild acts emphasizes treating one another like an extended family. Many members are related IC by blood, marriage, or adoption, as well as very close friendships. Many individual WK members also share close ties with members of other Alliance guilds.

History Edit

Wolves Kingdom was founded in early July 2006 by its first Alpha Queen, night elf warrior Wolfsmoon. Despite the youth of the actual guild itself, the majority of the senior ranking members have been guildmates for a number of seasons under the now disbanded guild Wolf Pack Elite among others.

Raid Progression Edit

Currently, the guild is not in a position to take on 20-40 man raid instances on its own. However, members who have reached the appropriate level and acquired the proper attunement are often invited to raids involving several allied guilds. Wolves Kingdom is almost at the ability to organize guild-only raids of 10-man instances, such as UBRS and LBRS. Also, it will soon be organizing guild-only 5-man groups to visit endgame instances such as Scholomance, Blackrock Depths, Dire Maul, and Stratholme on certain nights.

Recruiting Edit

Please see the Wolves Kingdom website forums for more information on applying to the guild, if one is so interested. Registering with the forums is mandatory for all new wolves entering the guild for the first time, and current members who are not registered are still encouraged to do so, as the guild shall be taking more advantage of the website for communication purposes.

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