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Vindication is an Alliance Roleplaying guild on Moonglade Europe.

General Information Edit

The guild defines itself as Heavy RP.

Vindication's Keyword is Diversity, we have everything in our ranks, warlocks, death knights, paladins, mages, priests...Anything any race and anyone is welcome, beginners in roleplaying, or advanced roleplayers, doesn't matter, do join the club.

The guild as of the 27th of March 2010 have around 20-30 members, of which a majority are level 80.

History Edit

The Vindication of old was seen in one of two ways. Either they were heroic freedom fighters who risked all to take the fight deep in to Horde territory, or they were terrorists. Their most notorious attack was aimed at disrupting the Zeppelin service between Orgrimmar and the former human capital of Lordaeron. The attack sparked an outcry, even within the Alliance, and led to Vindication being hunted as criminals. Several key members of Vindication were later apprehended and incarcerated in the Stormwind Stockade.

Although they were later pardoned on agreeing to serve the Alliance in a more conventional way, this prompted a change in leadership within Vindication. A Draenei shaman named Nikodemus Oedlivani assumed control.

Under the leadership of Nikodemus Oedlivani, the guild has gained a reputation for the fighting prowess of its members, and most of all, to resemble an extended family.

After several threats to Oedlivani's life, Nikodemus left Vindication, and left it's leadership to democratic voting, from this voting, Malidor Mindtongue was chosen to lead on Vindication.

Malidor has been trying to recover the lost numbers, for when Nikodemus left, a lot went with him, and Vindication is doing well, with good members and a reputation of organising the Vindication Balls, which draws other Guilds towards Vindication to continue the good mood and the love for parties.

Officers Edit

Guild master:

Malidor Emerandius Mindtongue







Affiliations Edit

Vindication is a part of The Guild Union of Moonglade.