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With the majority of founding members of Verve leave the guild for many differing reasons (New child, need for space, scholastic pursuits, etc.), the guild is currently managed by the reigning Guild Leader and last founding member, Velvet. Established in early days of Bladefist, when the server was new (added as a new server prior to the launch of the Burning Crusade), Verve has been around for a much longer time than most other guilds on the server.

Verve is what may be considered a "Casually Hardcore" Raiding guild. We like to play hard and maximize our character's potentials, but there is no need to participate in raids if you are to be in the guild.

Recruitment is currently closed for all classes.

General Information

Verve is a guild dedicated to equality, fair treatment, and just a general hope for everyone to get along. Why can't we all just get along? Well, we try to change that from a hope into a reality.

Raiding in Verve, while it happens very frequently, is only part of the whole picture. The loot rules and regulations are fair (roll main spec, if you've already got a piece then it goes to the next highest roll provided that another person rolled, rolls for off spec comes after main spec), and we try to include all the members in our raids, but due to the size of the guild it's rare that we can get everyone into the raid every week. Some people take that as a sign that they are unwanted, and we try to get everyone to understand as such, but some still take it to heart and get very upset. Frankly, we don't need people like that, that's a temperament that we don't want and will likely be either removed from the guild or will choose to leave of their own volition.

Another ideology and/or temperament that will not get you far in Verve is one of superiority. The officers, raid leaders and guild master all have a keen sense of character and will gladly inform those that they trust of someone who seems off-putting to them in order to prevent major drama in the guild.

Verve does not tolerate Asshats.

Burning Crusade

During the Burning Crusade, Verve became known to its members and a decent amount of other guilds as a place where guild drama was not tolerated and where mature players could mingle safely without the horrors of what have become known as "the teenagers." The majority of Burning Crusade was not spent raiding, though near the end of that era Verve began to start coordinating higher end raids to experience the content that they contained.

Wrath of the Lich King

In Wrath of the Lich King, Verve has become known as a place of peace and prosperity, where friendly, mature, skilled players with even temperaments and a knack for sarcastic wit have found good fortune in being able to raid the current upper end content without elitist groups forming and all members being given an equal chance (provided that they know their roles and have the quality of gear for the content) to experience that which was once considered to be only accessible to the hardcore raiding guilds.

Our Take on Raiding

Verve is a guild that is just playing the game to play the game. We try to *enjoy* it. If a game starts to feel like work, then it doesn't feel fun anymore. We want to keep the fun in WoW, which seems to be something that the supposedly "good" guilds appear to lack. We are not trying to compete with other guilds, we're just in it for our own sake and not the sake of "being the best ever." It's just a game people, play it like you want to enjoy it.


You can reach any of the current officers and guild master through the guild website.

The current officers are:

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