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General InformationEdit

Union is a high-end, end-game content guild originating on the US-based PVE Uldum server, led by Guild Master Stormcaster. On April 28th 2005, Union was formed, the guild quickly grew to become one of Uldum's premier raiding guilds. Union raids occur five days a week with start times beginning at 6:00pm server time. The guild prides itself on its close-knit group of members, quality players, and utmost dedication to the guild, and the game. Union periodically is looking for dedicated, skilled, and reliable players to join our guild. We welcome applications to the guild if you meet the above criteria. Once you apply to the guild an officer or captain will review the application and contact you in game if he or she would like to bring you along on a trial run. A full overview of the application process can be found here.

Server: Uldum US

Faction: Alliance

Website: Union Site

Forums: Union Forums

Guild Progression Edit

Realm Progression: Uldum Server

Union Armory Edit

Link: Union