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Twilight Serenade strives to be a helpful family of reliable, role-playing friends -- we aren't too interested in power-leveling or organizing end-game raids... we mainly seek fun and companionship.


The calls of the myriad creatures of the forests we call home echo in the ears of those chosen to defend the lands of the Kaldorei. Twilight Serenade, a medium RP guild, is welcoming recruits more interested in joining a family than end-game raids. We are trying to be selective about our membership -- but we would be happy to welcome you into our family on a probationary basis, for a few weeks, to determine if we're the guild for you.


This guild was originally formed by a small group of women with a heavy RP vision. When one of the founding officers disappeared, one of the other officers (her lesbian lover) fell into a state of despair, and was eventually asked to leave the guild. Soon thereafter, the original guild master was diagnosed with cancer, and forced to leave the game as well. Leadership of the guild was passed on to Garick, the only officer on-line at the time. When his leadership style (or lack thereof) was questioned by members of the guild, Garick and two officers quit. Leadership eventually fell to Inoue, and when she stepped down to focus on school, her friend Eravin took over. However, through all of the leadership changes, Twilight Serenade has remained together, and has switched from a heavy RP focus to a more casual, medium RP focus. (You might consider it heavy RP, but without being all anal about it.)

  • Recent update as of December 27th 2009*

Maverickious, outcast of the Serenade returned not as an enemy, but as a sympathetic voice for his people. The lost ways of his family...his friends, his very being, spoke to the heroes of Azeroth... postings placed in all major cities, commoners and the like began to speak of what the questionable man had posted anywhere he thought might listen....

The following is what any could read from his posters and of his voice when confronted with questions of his sincerity...

- It was the coming of arthas that shook the very foundations of the world, an evil so pure that only a being composed of pure light could vanquish. But in life there is always the riddle. What has two sides but always lands shiny side up? What is evil not by choice but by environment? In this world, the one called Azeroth many are heroes, but few are distinguished by the actions they display.

"Light has it's darkness, evil has it's own enemy, and in this world much like Lord Fordring there is always...another to take it's place." T'was the words of my father, and though I wish only long life and eternal youth to our savior, I know that his time will come, and another will take on his crusade against the forces of evil. I believe this within the very depths of my soul, as seasons come and go I see myself become not an instrument of the light, but a pawn in the ever continuing fight against the dark thoughts of man. In desperation Arthas searched to end this battle, but desperation leads to hopelessness, and when one loses hope, he turns to the solution of violence, death and destruction. When the once prince of the free lands took up the evil blade that shall remained unnamed he set in motion a series of events that would change my own beliefs....

My name is Maverickious Deltorn Sul'thane, reborn as Maverickious Kelsessor, in the tongue of the Titan's.....Maverickious....the son. I knew not my own role in the shaping of the world, but in time, much like life, destiny showed itself to me. In the eyes of an innocent, I was the purest of lights. And in the eyes of the purest of lights, I saw what man had done to our mother..... It was rape, the power given to us was abused, much like Thrall's people before him we were tricked. But such a trickery would never go unnoticed, such an evil never left unbalanced. In these ages, the age of dwarf, Elf, and the Draeni a race I call brother, I rose like no other, as first a warrior, then a mage, and now, the shunned Death Knight they saw through it all.....

They say every story has a beginning...and my story is no different....

The light first graced my presence in the form of Inoue....the lovely Elven woman that saw past my tough extirior and saw the man that dwelt inside. As time passed her guild fell, yet I grew, as a man, as a a being of truth. Her family left, her friends grew distant, but the connection never faulterd. Back long before the day of war my father gave me a stone. He told me to give it to only those I trusted....and since then I grew to trust only two. My soulmate Tin, not of my own race, but of my own life. And Inoue, the female Elf I owed my very existence to... Maverickious up until now had been but a passing thought, the failed rebirth of the old code had been nothing but my own doing. But Inoue still said "In time they will see." And time it took, after years of silent movement others came to me, but it was a time after my knighthood, I was no longer a knight but a mage, yet still the call of war made its way into my thoughts..... War....war has its own meaning, for me, it is change, a time to put aside the trivial hate the Horde has for these Allied races. I know now the Orcs were never our enemies, they were pawns, as we still remain today.....

And the powerful as they were could never stop the greed for power. If the titans could not stop Frostmourne how could the allied races ever hope to defeat such a great thing? Simple, they gave us, the mortals, the choice. They say "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." Or at least that is the words of my father, to you that would be the founder of the allied races.... Yes, the man that tells you the story of how Arthas fell is indeed older than recorded time itself... But I speak not from age, but from what I have seen. There was a time when Humans were innocent, before magic, before demons, before Orcs, we were the dominant race here in Azeroth. Egar, curious, and full of potential.... But time is but a river, history repeats itself, and here I am, like the Titans before me, fighting an evil that seems endless.....

Then why tell you now of something that will come to be no matter what the outcome? Hope. The single most powerful word in any language. Orcs see Thrall as hope, I saw my lord, Fordring as the same beacon, but what I failed to realize was that for hope to endure, it first must die. Oh for I hope that in these words and my inevitable death, you my sons, friends, brothers, and sisters. See that hope will never die. If evil stands in your way, you will see my sacrifice as not a redemption of my soul....but a redemption for my fathers, and my fathers, fathers..... We are but one race, the race against time, and without the hope for a better future, Horde and Alliance differences aside....we will fail....and evil will have won....

For no matter how pure your belief is.... it is within ourselves that we can rid the greed for power....and share life, mourn death, and be what the titans made us to be....the defenders of the just, protectors of the innocent, and guards of the light. I fear not that my words fall upon deaf ears, for it is not belief in me you must have...but belief in life....-

  • Maverickious' life is not directly related to this guild but is connected in a way that merits this update.

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Weekly Meeting Schedule

Family gatherings are held on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm Server Time at the abandoned house just north of Maestra's Post in Ashenvale.

Guild Rules

  • You must be a role player to be a member of this guild.
  • We are defined as a medium to heavy role playing guild and therefore expect our members to remain in character when using /say, /yell, and /guild. Please refrain from excessive use of OOC ((bracket)) speech in /say. This just clutters the text and makes it hard to differentiate between what is IC and OOC. It is encouraged to remain in character whenever possible except in our designated out of character channel called TSooc.
  • As a member of the Twilight Serenade, you character wears our tag above their head and are thus a representative for everyone else to see. Therefore don’t be an idiot. Seriously, common sense is a coveted commodity that we appreciate.
  • We value the complete sentence, correct grammar and punctuation very highly. Yes everyone makes spelling mistakes and common misconceptions in English grammar but everyone should make an effort to spell out their words and not use heinous abbreviations.
  • Any use of “1337” or net speak while in character will not be tolerated. The only acceptable use of this genre is in our out of character chat and making fun of those who seriously use it and wouldn’t know the difference between a complete sentence and a hole in their head. Then have a field day!
  • No OOC drama! In character drama is fine as long it is controlled to an extent but mostly if the players behind the characters can make that separation. We don’t all have to be super-friends but unnecessary drama is just that. Please be courteous to the other players and their roleplaying styles.
  • If your “roleplaying” is interfering and ruining other player’s experiences then your actions will be evaluated by the officers and followed by a warning. If the behavior persists after repeated warnings then the individual will be removed from the guild. We have kicked people in the past for being just plain stupid and hindering everyone else’s game play. Our intention is to provide a mutual atmosphere where everyone can reach their individual goals while enjoying themselves. So please police yourselves so that you are not having a negative impact on others.
  • Separate reality from the game. (Somewhat of an elaboration from the previous point.) Please do not take things too seriously as far as in-character interactions go. This is especially dangerous with engaging in IC emotions. Just be aware of and be able to separate real life emotion from in-game emotion. This will help cut down on a lot of potential out-of-character drama.
  • Please be respectful to the officers. They are players with the same aspirations as everyone else and try their hardest to create an environment that will be rewarding to all members. Any problems, disagreements or anything that does not settle well with you please feel absolutely free to come to any of the officers and talk with them. Even if no action is taken from the talk we need to know how everyone in the guild is feeling if we are to make things better.
  • When participating in the out-of-character channel please conduct yourself in a respectable manner. It is understood that the subject matter in general is going to be fun and silly and this is encouraged as long as things don’t get out of hand. Vulgarities and other grossly offensive subjects will not be tolerated. This means do not swear or use obsensities, unless of course, you want all four officers jumping down your throat at the same time.
  • Do not metagame. Metagaming is making your character do something because of knowledge that you have but your character wouldn’t necessarily have. If you know something OOCly then do not make your character react ICly from it. It’s not hard; it just requires that pesky thread of effort.
  • Do not god-mod. God-modding is attempting to create an unlikely situation within the game environment and forcing it on others. For example, “Joe Idiot runs in and chops your head off!” This situation is not only stupid it creates an unwanted condition for other roleplayers to either attempt to deal with or ignore. This goes along with the ‘don’t be an idiot’ point from above.
  • Have an in character purpose for what you are doing. Even the simplest reasons are significant enough to carry out our actions. Feel free to set goals and feed off of other’s stories. We don’t expect you to have a fifteen page history about your character. Allow your characters to grow and ultimately become a richly developed aspect of the guild as well as the rest of Azeroth.
  • You will be expelled from the guild if you do not log on for a month without a notice of absence.
  • You must join the website to prove that you have read the rules. Important information is posted on the site on message boards that people that have not joined can't see.
  • No vampires or other creatures that DO NOT exist in WarCraft lore. This extends to Harry Potter, Forgotten Realms characters/races and Smurfs. Also Dragonkin should be limited. Dragons are reclusive and would not parade around Stormwind shouting "I'm a dragon, here me roar!" They would take great pains to hide the fact that they are, in fact, a dragon." (We had some issues with people RPing dragons in disguise and then god-modding.)
  • By joining the guild, the website and the out of character channel, you have agreed to the rules and that the officers do, in fact, hold authority over you if you break one of these rules.


Eravin, Guild master 
Current guild leader.
Inoue, Officer 
Former guild master.
Sandry, Officer 
The Muffin lady.
Llewyletha, Officer
Wyvernmaster, Officer
Aveowyn, Veteran
Gavrie, Veteran
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