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Triumph is a casual leveling guild currently, and is preparing to raid. <Triumph> is recruiting any and all prospective members.

This guild was formed on Lothar-US. It is dedicated towards leveling, and is trying to recruit enough people to start raids. To inquire about joining, contact one of the officers below in-game.

Guild progress Edit

No guild progress as of yet.

History Edit

This guild was originally formed by Azureth and Hollowsin. <Triumph> is currently recruiting.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

No weekly raid schedule as of yet.

Guild rules Edit

The guild has strong standards, as any good guild should have, but it also exercises healthy humor. That means that there are reasonable rules to adhere to, and they are as follows:

  • RULE #1 No scamming, hacking, ninja'ing, or otherwise cheating the game or people, whether or not it involves the guild. Punishment: Permanent ban.
  • RULE #2 You do NOT talk about Triumph. (Just kidding, go ahead and talk all you want.)
  • RULE #3 Do not take items from the guild bank or other guild members solely to re-sell those items, unless the guild member approves. Punishment: Guild rank demotion; for Privates, permanent ban.
  • RULE #4 Listen to the Guild Master (Emperor) and all officers (Generals, Captains). The Guild Master and Generals reserve the right to make their own rules at any time, as well as remove anyone from the guild for any reason. Punishment: Depends on infraction.

Officers Edit

If you have any questions, or wish to be recruited, please speak with one of these people in-game.

Azureth, Guild Master, aka Emperor 
Co-founder of <Triumph> and recruiter for the guild. Alts: Vailo
Hollowsin, Lieutenant, aka General 
Co-founder of <Triumph> and the guild raid master. Alts: Hollowsight, Frostzii