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Guild Past (Malygos Realm) Edit

Thunders of Blood was founded on the Malygos realm (PvE) as a casual leveling guild on June 29th 2005 by Awakune. It was founded as a response to a lack of well developed social guilds on Malygos, and initially did not intend to see end game content. As of August 2006, Thunders of Blood (ToB) had developed into a much larger guild, and progressed into Zul'Gurub, and Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj and was developing a dedicated base of raid focused players. ToB had continued to maintain its focus on a casual base, however, while providing options for raiding. It became apparent to the current leadership that the need to raid was more important then the social core of the guild, and a merge was proposed to alleviate the needs of both groups, as it was thought pure strength through numbers would prevail.

On October 17th 2006, a deal was struck with a fellow horde guild called Veterans of the Phoenix to merge Thunders of Blood under one banner; which would remain Veterans of the Phoenix. During this time, former members of Thunders of Blood continued to explore raid content, progressing through Molten Core, Zul'Gurub, and Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj learning tactics; and how to down bosses successfully. However, it became apparent to many former-ToB members, that the style of raiding and guild was not what we expected. With a larger guild, it was difficult to find a cohesive player base for content exploration, and each raid the team varied. Though many members enjoyed their experience in Veterans of the Phoenix, a group of former ToB members decided they really didn't feel at "home" and decided to rebuild Thunders of Blood, and left Veterans of the Phoenix on December 29th, 2006. The new basis for the second coming of Thunders of Blood had been set. In August and September of 2007, as ToB grew and progressed further into content with a 5 day a week schedule, ToB accepting raiding members from the former Cupcake Friends (AKA: Die in a Fire) as well as members from Paroxysm who all left their previous guilds due to differences in raiding philosophy and lack of progression.

In December of 2007, ToB took a well needed and earned raiding break. Come January, it was decided that our raiding days were over. Several reasons can be attributed to this end of interest, but it was truely fatigue in many members eyes. On January 2nd, the decision was made to return ToB to it's roots as a casual guild. Throughout 2008, the Malygos guild lost most of its members due to quitting the game, guild transfers, and server transfers, etc. In late August of 2008, the decision was made to reform ToB on the Ghostlands US server in anticipation for WotLK and 10-Man raiding.

Guild Future (Ghostlands Realm) Edit

Currently, ToB is relaxing and playing casually until Wrath of the Lich King is released. Once Wolk is released, the focus will be on leveling, instancing, and getting to 80, while having the most fun possible. Once a majority of the membership hits level 80, we will begin our focus on the 10 man progression line. Having developed a fairly good DKP system on Malygos, such a simple and fair system will most likley be devised for Wrath raiding, regardless of a smaller and more casual schedule. This ensures fair loot distribution. Of course, in such a small enviroment, this may not be necessary.

Membership currently consists of former Malygos players who have transferred or rerolled on Ghostlands, as well as members of Onyx, a treasured home for several core ToB members when they first transferred to Ghostlands. They can be found hanging out in the in-game chat channel ToBSynchro, or at the official website.

Direction & Leadership Edit

Focus: 10 Man Raid Progression / FUN.

GM: Awakune

Decisions: Made as a guild, via forum polls & direct feedback.

Ideal size: 35 - 60 unique accounts

Joining Thunders of Blood Edit

While we are never openly recruiting, we are always on the lookout for relaxed, nutty, fun and knowledgeable people to join the ranks. We offer invites based on friendships already forged. Of course, some exceptions will be made.

Further Info Edit

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