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Three O Clock Dinner is a casual community based guild that places its emphasis on a friendly and welcoming environment. Raids are something that are taken seriously as well, but it is not more important than the atmosphere within the guild. In regards to raiding, Three O Clock does work to be as competent as the guilds that raid thrice as much as them, while still trying to keep things relaxed.

Three O Clock originally began on the Drak'thul-US Server at the very start of patch 3.0 (right at wrath's release). The guild was initially formed as a simple community guild for friends to hang out and avoid "douches" that were beginning to permeate all the other guilds. The guild grew slowly, but by the release of ulduar had a somewhat solid 10 man raid scheduled. Three O Clock moved up to 25 mans in the mid of Trial of the Crusader, and cleared all regular content in that tier. Having only begun 25 mans about 2 weeks before ICC released, they had a slow start in icecrown, but managed to clear the first 4 bosses in the first 2 weeks of the raid's release.

Drak'thul took a major hit during icc, and 6 major raiding guilds transferred off by March of 2010. This left the player pool straggling to recover. A lack of recruitment options forced Three O Clock to move to Azuremyst-US, and are currently very happy to be there.


Three O Clock Dinner is ALWAYS searching for more people, whether they be raiders or casuals, we ALWAYS want more people.

To Apply go to , navigate to the forums, register and make a new topic with the application template.

Current recruitment needs are for dps of all flavors.

Raid schedule is 6-9p ST Monday and Wednesday. Additional 10 mans are done intermittently throughout the week, ranging from ulduar to icc.

Full raid schedule as of right now is as follows:

25icc - Monday and Wednesday 6p-9p ST.
10iccA - Monday and Wednesday 9p-11p ST.
10iccB - Thursday and Friday 6p-10p ST.

Loot System: Loot Council

What our Guild can offer:
- Casual raiding environment, stressing fun over progression.
- Friendly, welcoming environment
- Tight knit community that is, in essence, a family
- Vent server, gbank, tabard (lol), and even guild repairs every so often during raids. (ooo we have a Facebook group too :D)
- We also offer nachos. Flavorful, crispy, melty nachos.

Ideal Guildies:
- Are capable of speaking in a mature manner (without making frequent use of u, ur, l8r, c, etc.)
- Aren't too shy to speak in vent (or gchat for that matter)
- Will not cause us to wipe on the internet boss.
- Capable of pulling competent dps/hps/tps
- Will have DBM and Ventrilo installed and able to use it.
- Will be relaxed and willing to raid seriously only twice a week (though we keep busy for the rest of it)
- Are willing to make liberal use of the guild forums
- Are drunk. Very, very drunk.

What potential guildies should know about us:
-We expect you to play your best... yes, even while 3-4 extra trash mobs were pulled and someone is still talking about how much they want to eat shrimp in vent.
-We expect you to not get mad... Look, if the death knight swears that the mob half way across the room death gripped itself to him, he's probably right.
-Our whole goal in this game is to have fun - Yes, that means vent never shuts up, and yes, that means that we will push our limits a bit too far.
-In the end - if push comes to shove, if the joking around means we aren't making progress on a boss, we will attempt to get serious.

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