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"There is always room for all of you here. Our beloved home is a place of friendship. Anyone one, young or old, who has read or heard of The Violet Dawn may come and visit us. If you are honest and good of heart, no matter your faction, no matter what season, our doors are always open to you. Whether for the first time, or for the return of an old companion, you are welcome. Please feel free to visit us anytime you pass by this way."

~ Lady Zaknefia Silverspear, Guild Mistress


Server: Server:Wyrmrest Accord US

Type: Role-playing

Faction: Alliance 32Alliance



History Edit

The Violet Dawn is an organization, a gathering of liked minded adventurers and heroes who strongly believe in the concept of peace throughout Azeroth, of living in harmony with one another, regardless of Faction. Originally founded by Zaknefia Silverspear,Because of her father, she grew up with a fierce belief that members of the Horde and the Alliance could co-exist peacefully alongside one another. She has since, dedicated her life in pursuit of this cause, believing that there were others out there that were of like mind. And so she set out in search of these individuals, slowly but surely gathering them and uniting them under one banner to strive towards the goal of bringing about peace and harmony to Azeroth.

Thanks to this desire, she formed the order known as The Violet Dawn, a guild dedicated to this cause, different branches scattered across Azeroth and beyond to gather these kindred spirits to fight for peace in secret from the Judging, prying eyes of those whom desire only warfare. in hopes of bringing a divided Azeroth together, to create a world where Orc and Human would not throw away their lives to barge into battle against one another. The Violet Dawn is a banner, an Organization where people believing in the dream of Peace amongst each other can share and start this movement to bring enlightenment into not only our leaders hearts and minds but our peers also.

We discriminate against no one wishing to join our cause and become a Knight of the Order, those who do reach Knighthood receive a violet sash. Which they may wear on their person in any fashion of their choosing.


Zaknefia Silverspear

About UsEdit

We are mostly a Role-Playing guild, once we start getting more active members we will also partake in PVP and PVE also. We look for every class, race and level. Willing to abide by the rules and create a fun and exciting atmosphere for people to come, enjoy each-others company and overall have a blast playing a game together, with friends. What else could you ask for!

Guild rules Edit

The rules here are simple, and all members must abide by them, regardless of rank. Though we are a very laid back and fun group of players, there are some "laws" that must be set to insure everyone is given equal treatment in The Order. The rules are as follows:

  • 1: A guild is like an extended family,so please,treat other members with kindness and respect!
  • 2: Discrimination of any sort against race, religion, or sexual orientation will NOT be tolerated! We are a LGBT friendly Guild.
  • 3: Please be courteous towards others, regardless of whether or not the individual is in the Guild or not.We must set an example for others and take pride in our Order and thus we must conduct our selves with dignity and honor.
  • 4: All members must have the add-on "Gryphon Heart item (GHI)" downloaded, Special items are created and handed out as a symbol of rank to those who receive promotions with in the Guild. In short, GHI is required for promotions. Promotions will be handed out once a member has proven them selves in the eyes of their peers, be it through questing, dungeon running, or any thing else with a fellow guildie that levels the guild or unlocks achievements/goodies for the guild, being a frequent player, attending RP Events, or lending aid to fellow guildies.
  • 5: No harassing members! Especially The Guild Mistress or any Officers. Bugging someone for a promotion will NOT get you promoted faster.

A Takedown!

Our VisionEdit

The young must grow old,


A small gathering

 Whilst old ones grow older,
And cowards will shrink,
  As the bold grow bolder.
Courage may blossom in quiet hearts,
 For who can tell where bravery starts?
Truth is a song, oft lying unsung,
Some mother bird, protecting her young,
Those who lay down their lives for friends,
The echo rolls onward, it seldom ends.
Who never turned and ran, but stayed?
This is a warrior born, not made!
Living peace, aye many a season,
Calm in life and sound in reason,
'Til evil arrives, a wicked horde,
Driving a warrior to pick up his sword,
The challenger rings then, straight and fair,
Justice is with us, beware. Beware!


"Friend is a very small word,

A little sound we make,
For one who is true, one who will do,
Great deeds for friendship's sake.
So while I grieve for you, my friends,
Who gave all that you could give,
You'll be my friends in memory,
For all the days I'll live."


"Fate and seasons smile on all,

From sunrise to the dark nightfalll,
This bounty from both earth and tree,
Was made to share, twixt you and me,
To Mother Nature let us say,
Our thanks, for life and health this day."


"Autumn comes, the summer's flown,
Travellers' journey ends.
Harvest is in, the table laid,
Sit you down 'midst friends!"

~ Lady Zaknefia Silverspear

Violet Dawn Icon

Officers Edit

Lady Zaknefia Silverspear Guildmistress

Guild leader. Contact for adminship/questions/concerns.Inv misc questionmarkUi-charactercreate-classes monk

User:Arthonias/Arthonias Griggs

Council Member Inv misc questionmarkUi-charactercreate-classes hunter

Castor Lightful

Council MemberInv misc questionmarkUi-charactercreate-classes paladin


Council Member Inv misc questionmarkUi-charactercreate-classes warlock

Aeroja Rinne

  Council MemberIconLarge Human FemaleUi-charactercreate-classes hunter

Anyone seeking entrance within the Organization can contact anyone whom may be online,everyone has the ability to invite more members into our ranks.

Guilds on other RealmsEdit

+Violet VanguardAlliance 32 Server: Moon Guard US

  • Leader Urthryn Rage Inv misc questionmarkUi-charactercreate-classes warrior

+The Violet DawnAlliance 32 Server: Farstriders US

  • Leader: Songtree Inv misc questionmarkUi-charactercreate-classes hunter