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The Superior Superiors is a guild on Gorgonnash US and is run by the original founder, Spittfire the Night Elf Rogue. Some members abbreviate The Superior Superiors as "TSS" or just "the guild." It was originally founded on April 4, 2007. They are mostly a social guild who casually raids on the side. From time to time they also will do instances, old raids, and anything the members think is fun on a whim. The guild leader has strict (but mostly obvious) rules, but a mostly laid-back attitude in guild unless a rule is broken or someone jeopardizes the guild's welfare. Members are encouraged to do whatever they think is fun unless it breaks the guild rules. The number of members is never even close to a constant, sometimes they have many members and sometimes only a few. Spittfire herself does not usually recruit members because she was consistently insulted and mocked in Burning Crusade for trying to get her guild raiding after their previous history as being a leveling guild, and for not being able to motivate the guild members to get geared, which caused both guild member and PuG alike die in the raid. However, she was doing this with no prior experience. They tried again in Wrath of the Lich King with some success. They are hoping to be much better in Cataclysm.

Requirements to JoinEdit

Anyone level 50 and up is allowed to join unless they are on the ban list on the guild website. Guild members are NOT required to remember the ban list, but Spittfire does check names and when there is a banned member issue she explains it to the guild so they can help keep the person out. There is an exception to the 50 and up rule however, alts of members as well as the family and friends of members are allowed to join at any level, but are in the lowest rank until they reach level 50.


The Superior Superiors raid only when they have enough active members who are prepared and willing to raid. Raids are usually on Saturday nights, but additional days are sometimes added. Spittfire usually picks what raid it is, but will sometimes let members pick what older raid they do on a given day.

Guild BirthdaysEdit

It is a tradition in The Superior Superiors to have an intentionally ridiculous birthday party every April 4, in honor of its founding on April 4, 2007. One example is in Burning Crusade all of the members over level 40 ran naked (and pet-less) through The Deadmines. Some of the level 80 casters died. Spittfire's birthday is also sometimes celebrated, but never as extravagantly as the guild birthday.

Guild LeaderEdit

Spittfire the Night Elf Rogue is mostly laid-back in guild. However, she is very strict on her rules and protection of their ventrilo server. During a guild crisis, she smacks down hard on the problem, be it situation or person. She regularly updates the guild website, which she has done all of the work on (because she is the only Super Admin of it and the powers she did give to Officers are never used because the Officers never feel like working on it.) She welcomes guild questions from anyone who is not trolling.

Second in CommandEdit

Spittfire considers every member to be important, however, there are key people who help her run the guild.

  • Fearra the Human Paladan is the Second in Command. He is Spittfire's significant other in real life and she trusts him to be able to take charge and control of the guild if she is not there during a crisis or if she is out of town. If he is not available then she assigns several officers to the task of managing until she can get back.


  • No one gets to be an Officer unless Spittfire comes to trust them completely.
  • Officer meetings are as needed.
  • Officer abilities are given/revoked based on behavior of the officers.
  • Officers are expected to help in a crisis and do what is assigned to them.

Guild WebsiteEdit

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