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The Stonecutters are a group of friends and family that enjoy online gaming together.


The guild first originated from a non-organized appearance in EverQuest, and eventually formed a formal guild in Dark Age of Camelot where they played the Hibernia faction on the Morgan Le Fay server. Stonecutters ventured into other games such as AC2, SB, DDO, CoH and eventually WoW. While WoW is currently the largest chapter we also still have people still playing in DAOC.


Recruitment is generally limited to desired classes but entirely subject to approval of council members. Mature players and couples are preferred. See website for details.

Guild Progress

Weekly Raid Schedule

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 7:00 PM Server - SSC, TK and/or Magtheridon
  • Additionally 10 man ToGC runs happen Friday night, and Saturday afternoons.

Members sign up in advance on our 'Raid & Strategies' forum. Invites start 30 minutes prior to raid start. Attendees are expected to be at the instance 10 minutes prior to start time with consumables.



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