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The Silver Dragoons are a pseudo-military-style roleplay guild on the Shadow Council server of World of Warcraft, Alliance side. They were a division of the Stormwind Army, and are now an independent mercenary unit. This change was made to open up RP opportunities. Their website is shared with their sister guild, The Meddlers. Dragoon stories can also be found on Shadow Council's roleplay website, RP Haven.


Commanding Officer - Alynore Forrester

Executive Officer - Pinapple Peppercog

Officers: Giulietta Rossini, Bennett Harrigan

Historic Commanders: Adriano Cortez (Human), Shannae Darkehart (Human), Aidoann (Night Elf), Ktar Cloudwaver (Night Elf), Anyalena Argentsprocket (Gnome), Bennet Harrigan (Human).

In Game Purpose Statement:

The Silver Dragoons used to be an elite branch of the Royal Stormwind Armed Forces. Even striking out on our own, we strive to maintain honor and integrity, and seek to assist the nations of the Alliance and our allies in defense of their homes and the world we call home. We work with other groups as needed to achieve these goals.

We do not seek fame, fortune or any other trivial prizes. We fight for one purpose, one single purpose and that is the love of our people. The Dragoons are not of the people, we are below them, beneath them. They are our masters and we are their loyal servants and protectors.

“Stormwind is home to many heroes… Kings, nobles, soldiers and healers. These men and women do their part each day for the service and protection of this Kingdom. However, you must realize that these heroes are not Stormwind. The merchants who sell their goods, the farmers who plow their fields and the children who fill the walls of this city with their laughter…They, are Stormwind.”
– Adriano Cortez, Founder of the Silver Dragoons

“I am a Silver Dragoon. I will support and defend the laws and peoples of Stormwind and I will obey the orders of those appointed over me. I represent the fighting spirit of the Kingdom of Stormwind, the Alliance, and those who have gone before me in support of our freedom. I proudly serve the people of Stormwind and the Alliance with the highest of integrity.”
-Code of the Silver Dragoons while they were in the Stormwind Military

Out of Character Purpose Statement:

The Silver Dragoons was founded with a single purpose and vision: To create a sustained and immersive roleplaying environment for the enjoyment of those that play World of Warcraft on the Shadow Council realm through the forging of alliances with like minded guilds and the recruitment of new Dragoons. Through military, social and even political roleplaying we do our best to build the quality of roleplaying on Shadow Council.

In Character History:

The Dragoons began several years ago, created by Adriano Cortez when Prince Anduin Wrynn was a boy acting as King while his father was missing, guided by the Regent Lord Bolvar Fordragon--Light rest his soul--and Lady Katrana Prestor (later revealed to be the Black Dragon Onyxia, Deathwing's own daughter). The unit was led by a Commander, with a Major as second in command, and a Judiciary acting as legal authority and a check against the field leaders' autonomy. The unit charter gave the Dragoons independence in choosing and promoting their officers, and seeing to their own recruitment from both the military and freelance adventurers.

The Dragoons were a guard force, patroling the shires and the city, acting as judges in disputes, and security at social events. The Dragoons squared off with the Gray Myst, a criminal syndicate that operated from Stormwind, and helped reveal its leadership. The Dragoons were also instrumental in uncovering a conspiracy against the Crown by minions of the Black Dragonflight, vindicating the leader of the Circle of Solaris. The accusasations against CoS led to a years-long rift with The Meddlers, an adventuring group who were part of the Circle.

Over time, duties changed. They were still soldiers, but guard duties were truncated. Dragoons fought with the regular military and other heroes in Outland when the Burning Legion threatened to again invade Azeroth. Eventually, Bennet Harrigan was given command.

Harrigan had been among the forces trapped on Outland for twenty years, toughened and scarred by surviving against Fel Orcs and the Legion. So far, he is the longest-serving Dragoon Commander, and one of the most popular with his soldiers. He was less popular with outsiders for his hardline rules and insistance that his soldiers hold themselves to higher standards than they had in the past. He barred most warlocks and all death knights from the ranks of the Dragoons, due to their ties with the Burning Legion and the threat of mind control by the Lich King.

Over the next several years, many former Dragoons joined the Meddlers and some Meddlers joined the Dragoons, while others in both groups became fast friends, healing the old rifts between the two groups (though plenty of scars remain...). During the Scourge War, Staroda Skymane, a former officer of the Gray Myst, joined the Dragoons as well--only to leave the unit to take leadership over the supposedly reformed Gray Myst, straining friendships.

The war in Northrend saw many Dragoons called to duty there. Death Knights joining the Alliance prompted Harrigan to speak with King Varian about the Dragoons' role. The Dragoons became bodyguards for Prince Anduin, and started acting as "Prince Anduin's" agents to the Alliance forces around the world. There were still occasions where Dragoons were asked to act as impartial judges and guards for other groups, such as the Ghost Scions.

Acting as the Crown's agents was the unit's duty from the time of the Shattering and through all of Deathwing's Cataclysm. Dragoons served the Alliance, much like in the beginning, though without the guard elements. Anduin was growing into his own as a leader, and as a priest; orders from his advisors were brought down to the Dragoon offices to be carried out for the good of the Alliance.

Then came trouble from old enemies. Darker choices and actions from the unit's past, both of individuals and as a group, were drawn out and put into the worst light. There were setups, kidnappings, wrongful deaths, and finally a trial. The Crown was forced to remove its patronage, though the Dragoons' charter remained intact; Cortez's initial safeguards protected the unit from total dispersal. The rank of Judiciary was retired with the loss of official status.

In order to work with the Alliance military, and have former members accepted into the military in the future, Harrigan had to resign. Young Alynore Forrester took command. Necessity forced Forrester to relax some of the military standards, as well as the dictate against death knights. Due to Forrester's Outland upbringing, strictures against warlocks tightened.

Now the Silver Dragoons are on their own as a private mercenary company, but still fighting for the Alliance, defending and assisting its citizens as needed. They accept rewards for their efforts, but do their work with honesty and integrity. As the war with the Horde intensifies, that dedication to service is vital to keep the company moving forward in the Post-Cataclysm Era.

The Dragoons are loyal to one another and to the Alliance as a whole. They don’t participate in torture, extortion, slaughtering civilians, or assassination of Alliance personnel. They’ll fight the Horde and other enemies, but don’t go looking for trouble--trouble will find them anyway.

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