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The Sidewinder Band! We're a Hordeside guild on Feathermoon (that being an RP server, dontcha know)! We do...stuff! And wipe in funny ways! And somehow NOT wipe when we pull 3 groups!

Most of our members have raided a fair bit elsewhere - we don't have a guild raid or anything, but we get the job done for other people, at least (which fits us).

We're pretty casual in both RP and OOC, because man, we are lazy people. If you just lazy around on top of the bank in Orgrimmar for five hours, you probably will see five of us there.

Here's what guildies have to say about us!

"Loche's fault." - Seal Sail Ceil

"A group of weirdos with explosives." - Tanoo

So, remember, if you see a Sidewinder then bother us! Especially if it's Loche.

And remember folks, it's ALWAYS Loche's fault!


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