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Alliance 32 Server:Bloodhoof Europe

About The OutcastsEdit

An Alliance guild residing on the Bloodhoof EU server formed on 05/04/2006 after Blizzard insisted the name was changed as the previous guild name (Dontgiveafux) was deemed "inappropriate". Who says that Blizzard don't have a sense of humour?

Currently going strong with 120+ unique accounts and regularly raiding:

Hak owned Ony owned Rag owned

Guild Officers Edit

Guild Master Edit


Class Officers Edit

Hunter - Hideaway
Mage - Shoolot
Druid - Teraq
Paladin - Rhonda
Priest - Elyria
Warrior - Snhyper
Warlock - Zam
Rogue - Barryaverage

Assistant Class Officers Edit

Mage - Stitches
Druid - Clamolama
Paladin - Ukke
Priest - pappachico
Warrior - Sojourn
Rogue - Darknessroggy

Recruitment Edit

The Outcasts recruit via their forums found at their website. Please read the guidelines stickied there before applying.

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