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About The Oblivion Edit

Horde 15 The Oblivion is a Horde World of Warcraft longstanding raiding guild on Icecrown server, having raided from Molten Core onward. In Cataclysm, TO focuses on heroic raid encounters, enjoying the challenge found in the toughest PvE content WoW has to offer.

We're a close-knit group of folks who enjoy the camaraderie of raiding together. We value good preparation and strong play. We make the most of our time while maintaining a friendly raid environment.

Guild Leader Edit


Recruiting Edit

TO is seeking skilled raiders. Being a strong player is more important than playing a specific class.

If you are interested in recruiting, please post your application to the forums on our website.

All strong applications are considered.

Raiding Edit

The Oblivion is first and foremost a raiding guild. As such we have a dedicated Raider base that must meet certain expectations. If you would like to apply to raid with The Oblivion, please read the following criteria and post an official application on our website.

Expectations of Raiders Edit

Evaluation of recruits for raidership includes the following items that are expected of every raider:

  • play quality (overall output, alertness, correct real-time adjustments, proven competitive on damage meters, and so on)
  • aptitude for learning and demonstrated tendency to improve
  • communication skills (ability to listen and make adjustments, and ability to effectively convey ideas)
  • compatibility and cooperation with peers
  • positive attitude and thoughtful approach
  • typically available for an average of at least two raids per week
  • demonstrated dedication to progression
  • demonstrated concern for the interest of the guild in the areas of information sharing, loot acquisition, and so on
  • experience in heroic content a plus

Progression Edit

  • Dragon Soul – Full Clear (Normal)
  • Firelands – 6/7 on Heroic

Focus is Dragon Soul heroic content.

Raid Times Edit

  • Tuesday - 10:00pm Server Time; 3-hour raid
  • Thursday - 10:00pm Server; 3-hour raid
  • Sunday - 10:00pm Server; 3-hour raid

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