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General Info Edit

The Judean Peoples Front[1] is a casual, mature guild with no strong focus. We have players who love crafting, who twink, who are leveling their first toons or alts, who PvP, both arena and battleground, and even some who run instances from time to time. While we barely have enough at max level to raid, we are not currently a raiding guild, and want no part of the drama that sometimes accompanies such. Many of our members are now level 80, and we have re-formed our guild arena teams.

This guild was formed on The Underbog US in March 2007[2]. We welcome new members who are mature in thoughts and deeds even if not in years, who do not cheat their way to the top, and who do not beg for gold. Our tabard is a killer rabbit.

Guild Events Edit

None at this time, though we are often willing to run our lowbies through instances when they have trouble finding level-appropriate groups, as is sadly often the case in this low-population realm.

Guild Rules Edit

  • No begging for gold.
  • No buying gold.
  • No win trading.
  • Don't do something that will get you banned.
  • Be nice to others. (That doesn't mean don't gank anyone, though several of our members don't normally do world PvP unless provoked.)
  • If you want something from the guild vault, leave us with the impression you'll stay around for a while, and contribute in some way to the vault or to the guild in return for that item.


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