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The Death Knights is a casual PvE guild with almost 200 level 70 characters. We are largerly composed of working adults and we primarily raid on weeknights.

This guild was formed on Suramar. It is dedicated towards end game instances, and we only recruit people with experience. Applicants should have Kara/Heroic Badge/Epic PvP level gear and be specced to raid. To fill out an application goto the TDK Website For more information you can contact Bobbuddha, Tesseron, or Ninjafiveo in game.

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

This guild was originally formed prior to The Burning Crusade and primarily raided in Zul'Gurub. Many of TDK's core raided and leveled together, mastered Karazhan and is now progressing into 25man raids

Weekly raid schedule Edit


  • Weekdays, 6:15 PM Server

Check the website for specific raid times and schedule.

Guild rules Edit

  • Please see the guild website for details.

Officers Edit

Guild Leadership is held by a triumvirate

Bobbuddha, GM 
Guild Master & Web Master. Frost Mage. Uber-know-it-all and somewhat active WoWWiki author; see his page for his contributions.
Tesseron/Zeiron, Co-GM 
Tesseron - Hunter, and Zeiron - resto Shaman. Primary Raid leader.
Felixzero, Co-GM 
Holy Paladin. Healer leader - alternate raid leader
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