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The Agency (guild tabard)

The Agency is a majority Australian player based guild located on Draenor US. Through the years our stable of raiders has encompassed players from the Asia-Pacific region, including some in the United States. Our root however is uniquely Australian up to these days.

We welcome exceptional players to join us especially if you can make our early morning raid times which start at 12:30AM server time or (7:30pm - AEST time) every (Australian) Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for all new content raids. Old content raids during weekends are optional.

Wrath of The Lich King ProgressionEdit

  • 10 & 25 Man Icecrown Citadel
  • 10 & 25 Man Trial of the Grand Crusader (5/5 ToGC 10-mans)
  • 10 & 25 Man Trial of the Crusader (5/5 for both 10 & 25-mans)
  • 10 & 25 Man Onyxia (cleared, on farm for both 10 & 25-mans)
  • 10 & 25 Man Ulduar for our status visit (10-man cleared. Realm 1st Shutout [10 player] achievement; 9/14 Ulduar 25-mans)
  • 10 & 25 Man Naxxaramas (cleared all bosses)
  • 10 & 25 Man Obsidian Sanctum (cleared with 2 drakes up)
  • 10 & 25 Man Eye of Eternity (10 man cleared, 25 man cleared)

ToC 25 with The Agency

Guild DKP SystemEdit

The Agency uses the DKP system for majority guild-based raids. All players including out of guild members attending any of the majority run guildraids will earn DKP to spend on items. The Agency DKP charter, containing details in how we award and distribute loot, is available on our guild website.

A Brief HistoryEdit

The Agency (or TA for short) was established on 20 April 2005, making it one of Draenor server's oldest continuously raiding guild, with Shadows and Dust and Midnight Order both months older. It is also the premier Australian guild on the server. The hugely successful raiding guild The Elite was a close descendant of TA Guild.

The Wrath expansion provided TA guild with numerous challenges and opportunities. Currently, TA guild is focus on endgame progression.

Stlunatic is the Guild Master of The Agency since its inception.

Other CollaborationEdit

During Burning Crusade, TA partnered with the Elven Empire (late night PST guild) for 25-man raids, including Tempest Keep, Mount Hyjal and Serpentshrine Cavern


The Agency raid, Zul'Aman

TA OnlineEdit

The first website of The Agency was launched late 2008 with Delornhan as website administrator. A second website was issued, this time under Hellraizor's management, to further the guild's online presence.

On September 2009, Devolution took over the organisation of TA website. The philosophy "lively yet accessible" has been informally adapted. As a result the guild unveiled

Wow wiki-comics

Cartoon @

In light of solid interest and popularity of World of Warcraft, an 'official blog' commenced publishing on 8 December 2009. With the initial target of supplementing Warcraft news for the guild, the blog now aims to cover every aspect of WoW life and the increasing MMORPG market. A remodeled version,, was introduced after a 2-month 'beta' period.

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