The Advent


A guild founded when Officers from <Death Jesters> on Stormrage had a disagreement with their leader Sparty they decided to transfered to the new server to rebuild, Sonlore (GM) (though this was an honorary title, it would be ruled by council)- Night Elf Hunter, Nemace - Dwarf Paladin, Damdor (Raid Lead) -  Human Paladin, Sael (NIght Elf Rogue), Muggles - Gnome Mage (who would leave after the first month), Modimus - Dwarf Rogue, Mourngrym - Human Paladin, Drayco - Night Elf Priest, and Jasper - Dwarf Paladin.  

At first, there was hundreds of pages of anti-transfer protests and negative commentary versus the new arrivals to a server less than a year old, new levels of gear were being influxed into the economy as well as new personalities grown elsewhere. Some embraced the change others shunned the new arrivals, many of the established guilds did not want any part of the new faces. The Advent took these outcasts in and quickly established the nickname, The Transfer Guild, more a negative stereotype at the time. However, they could not raid with only the transfered members as it took 40 to raid the latest content. They began recruiting and outreaching to the community, which was a task in itself. The recruiment began with Steamwheedle Cartel natives such as, Salha Human-Rogue, Storanok Human Warrior (Later an officer - replacing Muggles who stopped playing), his wife Illysa- Human Priest, Stagnation (Later an officer in Blackwing Lair, who would be the last officer to be added) Night Elf Hunter, Zaxarius Human Paladin, Apollyon Night Elf Rogue, Cycara Human Mage, as well as many others who had never seen a progression raid. Other transfers included Zyviel Night Elf Hunter, Louvian Human Warrior. They went into Zul'Gurub and began Molten Core quickly surpassing the current progression level within two weeks time and continued to dominate the World Bosses, the success attracted more server transfers and successfully filled out their ranks for their push into Blackwing Lair. However, they struggled to push through the first boss and there they stood for 2 months, after they were unable to surpass "The Wall". This did not discourage the core members as they re-recruited and pushed on. After killing the first boss Razorgore, the Untamed they went on do clear Blackwing Lair within a weeks time, putting themselves at least a full tier ahead of the rest of the Alliance guilds. 

The Advent began giving loot to the other allied Alliance guilds to help their progression as a sign of good will and establishing an unofficial Alliance, in order to prevent 'guild hopping'. Also hosting contests for the RP community and distributing excess BoE's to the neighboring raiding guilds free of charge to promote good will. 

A transfer by the name of Kalicka Night Elf Druid had joined the ranks and he had already started the progression of opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj, he had become Neutral with the Brood of Nozdormu and still needed to complete a majority of the quest, however further than the rest of the server. Through the next couple months they would work to open the Gates and push the servers content. They successfully completed the last piece with the help of Enders (Alliance guild), a guild that was in good standing and friendly and Dreadstorm a Horde Guild. However, Ahn'Qiraj would prove a much more grueling challenge as they had only killed the first few bosses and the leadership decided to go into Naxxramas. There they would not see a victory but only defeat. With the news of an expansion coming, the Burning Crusade, many members had only declined in their login time and this would be the last expansion that <The Advent> would raid. Some members stopped playing entirely, others went to the Allied Guilds of Argent Exodus, Conviction, Apex. 

The Guild was re-recreated by Drayco after it was disbanded in earlier expansions. They would never fully recover before the launch of Burning Crusade. 

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