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Taint formerly known as The Spreading Taint is a large Horde guild playing on the Proudmoore server in World of Warcraft and is part of the Rough Trade Gaming Community ( Although we do have an extremely strong and diverse raiding scene, we are primarily a social guild who welcome gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, hets, queers, geeks, misfits, studs, siblings, friends, lovers, and others to join us for fun, in-game and out. No gnomes please! ;)

This guild was formed on Proudmoore. It is dedicated to creating a social atmosphere, and it open to new members at all times. To fill out an application go to For more information simply do a "/who taint" and ask for an officer.

The Spreading Taint website

Guild progress


The Spreading Taint was founded by Bigheadben, aka Spial/Volant/Virule/Catskills, with a group of players from the Rough Trade guild on City of Heroes, during beta of World of Warcraft. Their main reason for formation was to provide a GLBT friendly guild, where all players are welcome regardless of sexual or gender orientation.

As one of the founding guilds on Proudmoore, they have weathered many guild name changes due to perceived TOS violations by Blizzard Admin, and has operated The Spreading Taint as an umbrella guild for seven other sub-guilds. This had been necessary to contain the many, many members of "Taint." These guilds include "Taint," "Tainted," "The Tainted Ones," "Tainted Love," and "Tainter Tots."

In October of 2008 Taint launched two additional guilds targeted at its raiding community: "Taint Invaders," a hardcore progression-based raiding team, "Raiders of da Lost Taint," a medium/casual-based raiding team. It also launched "Tainted Nights" to accommodate the influx of Death Knight characters.

In February of 2009 Taint launched a PvP-oriented guild called "War Taint," as well as its third medium/casual-based raiding team, "Taint of Madness."

In December of 2009 it was decided to merge all of the sub-guilds, except the three raiding guilds and the PvP guild, back into one guild, "Taint," in preparation for Cataclysm, as well as to ease administration of such a large guild. This merger was completed at the end of February 2010.

In February of 2010 Taint launched another raid guild targeted at its raiding community, "Heralds of Taint," a semi-hardcore progression-based raiding guild. In October of 2010 "Heralds of Taint" decided to disband to form an independent raiding guild.

Weekly raid schedule

There are several 25-man and 10-man groups. For specifics on their schedules, please consult the Taint website.

Guild rules

  • The Spreading Taint is mainly a social guild, and as such has very few rules. The complete charter is listed on the website, and all members must agree by them or face expulsion. Tolerance and respect are the main concepts, as well as having a good time with fellow guildmates.
  • Detailed guild bank rules are listed on the website.
  • As a large guild, The Spreading Taint encompasses several raiding groups. Each of these raids has its own requirements and expectations. If you are interested, contact a raid leader for more details.


A current roster of officers can be found on The Spreading Taint's website.

The Spreading Taint website

Kyan, Guildmaster 
Guild leader.


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For questions concerning the Rough Trade Gaming Community, or our play groups in other games, please contact the officers on the Spreading Taint website.

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