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Tactical Gamer

Server: Thunderhorn Faction: Alliance

Guild Culture

Tactical Gamer is a guild created around the idea of mature gamers using teamwork and sound tactical gameplay to accomplish game-based goals. Tactical Gamer is a casual end-game raiding guild for mature (18+) players. We offer a friendly, cooperative home for skilled, dedicated players seeking end-game content on a regular (3-4 times per week) basis during the evenings after 7PM. We do not require minimum attendance from our members since we recognize the need to balance WoW with real life obligations of family, work and other commitments. We are currently seeking additional healers, druids, casters, warriors and rogues. We have an abundance of hunters and paladins.

Applicant Requirements

You must be 18 or older to join the Tactical Gamer guild. You must have Teamspeak installed and in working order. To raid with us, you must have CT raid and decursive (for applicable classes) installed. Guild member or not, we welcome all players to run with us provided that you want to work cooperatively as part of a team and act in a mature manner.

Guild Leaders

Talara, Lunatg, Gaviin, Wintrow, Yotion


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Date Formed

February, 2005.

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