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This article is a guild information page for T H U N D E R of Kilrogg Europe.

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only. Guild pages must comply with the guild page policy.

THUNDER is a guild for all those who can only reliably play and raid later in the evenings. We start our main guild events, such as meetings and raids at 10pm server time. We endeavour to be a friendly, mature and family orientated guild of players who want to to see and experience as much as possible of the end game content.


World of Warcraft is a game designed to be played as a team. However we feel there is a significant section of the player community that cannot support the 'hard-core' raiding schedule of many of the established guilds, which typically start in the early evening hours. This maybe due to family, a busy job, a few drinks at the pub, walking the dog, or simply wanting to have a life outside WoW.
THUNDER & LIGHTNING was created especially to provide a home for these people; people who still love the game, who still want to see the endgame content and be challenged at the highest level, and who want to play with like-minded gamers.

This isn’t about being hardcore or casual. We have both kinds of player in the guild. You could play for five hours every single day but if you can’t be online for 7pm, many raiding guilds won’t touch you. Alternatively, you may be keen to raid but unable to commit to more than one raid a week or one a fortnight.
THUNDER & LIGHTNING is specifically set up to make raiding possible for these kinds of players. And not just possible but enjoyable. We have a fantastic community spirit and our loot system ensures that everyone has a fair chance to scoop epics, regardless of how often they raid. Obviously frequent raiders will always progress faster but that doesn’t mean that the occasionally raiders shouldn’t progress at all.

Conceptually THUNDER & LIGHTNING exists as one big guild but it is structured as two sub-guilds.
THUNDER serves the Horde faction and LIGHTNING the Alliance faction on the Kilrogg PvE-server.
The reason for having both horde and alliance guilds and for choosing a PvE server was so that any player currently playing on any of the European servers could have the chance to transfer their high level character to our server and join us.

Guild Progress

  • Karazhan - Curator downed, working on Shade


Over time, our numbers have shrunk and we need to swell our numbers to field a second (and hopefully soon a third) weekly kara team and venture into 25man content.
Therefore, at the moment we are actively looking for all classes with attention to healers and tanks.

Weekly Raid Schedule

We start our raids at 10:00 pm server time.

There is no strict raiding day schedule.
We use a web based sign-up system, where raid leaders plan events and all who are interested, sign up to a queue. If there are enough people and a possible class setup, the raid leader will approve the queued players needed.
We try to use a fair raid spot rotation, so that every raider gets his chance to participate.

Guild Rules

Guild focus

THUNDER is a guild for all those who can only reliably play and raid later in the evenings. We start our main guild events, such as meetings and raids at 10pm Server Time.
We endeavour to be a friendly, mature and helpful guild of players who want to have fun playing the game. Rolling alts or joining with low-level characters is perfectly fine but we are not a levelling guild and you should not expect to be boosted through the first 65 levels by the high-level players as a matter of right. We do have lots of alts climbing the ranks however so you should still be able to find players of your level to group with.

Guild communications

Our main purpose is to have fun playing the game. Guild chat is an important way of socialising within the game, and is welcomed. Part of the fun of being in a guild is the ability to have a wee chat now and again, be it about in-game things or Real life.
Another, equally important part is participation on the guild forums. However we do not wish to see abusive language, excessive swearing or explicit sexual content on guildchat or on the forums. This is unpleasant and some of us have our children playing characters on our accounts at times so please keep that in mind. Neither will any form of racism, sexism, ageism or religious bigotry directed against other players be tolerated in the guild.

We have our own Ventrillo server and strongly encourage its use during 5-man instances, mostly because it makes everything more fun. For raids, ventrillo is compulsory. You don’t need to be able to speak but you do need to be able to hear the instructions from the Raid Leader.

Relations with other players

As a member of THUNDER you represent our guild through behaviour and chat.
We strive to build up a good reputation as a friendly and mature guild. Maturity is not a question of age, but rather of behaviour - the key principle being to not cause offence through words or deeds.

We should all endeavour to:

  • Be helpful and supportive to other players to help them obtain greater skill and mastery of the game and
  • convey a positive gaming culture
  • Share resources as much as possible within the guild and have a Fun > Need > Greed attitude.
  • Have good relations with other players and guilds

The way you play the game

We want to try and be a relaxed guild. Work or family life can be stressful enough for most of us, so we don’t want to extend this to our leisure time.
You will never be required to attend any particular guild raid or event. If you can’t or don’t want to play on a particular day or at a particular time, no one will give you a hard time about it.
Similarly, we do not enforce talent specs. If you choose to spec for PvP, that’s perfectly fine.

In general however, we do want to maximise the overall strength of the guild in a raid situation. If you are a warrior who never taunts, a paladin that didn’t bother to train resurrection or a priest with no mana-regen gear you can expect some friendly advice on how to improve your game from your Class Master.
You won’t be kicked for gimping yourself (except in really extreme cases) but you may find yourself sidelined when it comes to raid slots or the harder 5-mans.


Every guild member should have the opportunity to attend a raid and be excited about the possibility of getting an epic drop on a run, regardless if their time allows daily playing or only once a week.
We do not use DKP in any form because we believe it unfairly favours hardcore players over the more casual ones.
In 5-man groups and Karazhan, loot is distributed using simple need-before-greed. Need means that the item is a direct upgrade for the character that is rolling. Needing for your alt or because you are saving for your epic mount or because you are an enchanter is not considered acceptable.
In the case of BoP items that are not needed by anyone in the party, we will normally disenchant and roll on the shard.

In raids with 25men and more we use the Suicide Kings system with frozen positions.


THUNDER & LIGHTNING do play on Horde and Alliance. We want to see this as a friendly competition, particularly in PvP. At no time will we employ any Honour farming between the two sides of the guild.

Guild structure

THUNDER is headed by a GM who retains the in-game powers of GM but does not normally get involved with policy decisions or day-to-day running of the guild.
We have an exectutive body of four officers, called the Guild Council who handle most of the day to day running.
There also are other officers who handle specific roles such as Recruitment, Class Masters etc. Discipline issues rarely crop up and are handled on a case-by-case basis by the officers using common sense and open discussion.

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