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Guild Information

THUNDER is a guild for all those who can only reliably play and raid later in the evenings. We start our main guild events, such as meetings and raids at 10pm server time. We endeavour to be a friendly, mature and family orientated guild of players who want to to see and experience as much as possible of the end game content.


World of Warcraft is a game designed to be played as a team. However we feel there is a significant section of the player community that cannot support the 'hard-core' raiding schedule of many of the established guilds, which typically start in the early evening hours. This maybe due to family, a busy job, a few drinks at the pub, walking the dog, or simply wanting to have a life outside WoW.
THUNDER & LIGHTNING was created especially to provide a home for these people; people who still love the game, who still want to see the endgame content and be challenged at the highest level, and who want to play with like-minded gamers.

This isn’t about being hardcore or casual. We have both kinds of player in the guild. You could play for five hours every single day but if you can’t be online for 7pm, many raiding guilds won’t touch you. Alternatively, you may be keen to raid but unable to commit to more than one raid a week or one a fortnight.
THUNDER & LIGHTNING is specifically set up to make raiding possible for these kinds of players. And not just possible but enjoyable. We have a fantastic community spirit and our loot system ensures that everyone has a fair chance to scoop epics, regardless of how often they raid. Obviously frequent raiders will always progress faster but that doesn’t mean that the occasionally raiders shouldn’t progress at all.

Conceptually THUNDER & LIGHTNING exists as one big guild but it is structured as two sub-guilds.
THUNDER serves the Horde faction and LIGHTNING the Alliance faction on the Kilrogg PvE-server.
The reason for having both horde and alliance guilds and for choosing a PvE server was so that any player currently playing on any of the European servers could have the chance to transfer their high level character to our server and join us.

Guild Progress


Burning Crusade

Wrath of the Lich King


We are always looking for people who match our unique style.

Please check the following links for more information and our raid recruitment demand:

Weekly Raid Schedule

We start our raids at 10:00 pm server time.

There is no strict raiding day schedule.
We use a web based sign-up system, where raid leaders plan events and all who are interested, sign up to a queue. If there are enough people and a possible class setup, the raid leader will approve the queued players needed.
We try to use a fair raid spot rotation, so that every raider gets his chance to participate.



Conceptually THUNDER & LIGHTNING exists as one big guild but is structured as two sub-guilds. THUNDER serves the Horde faction and LIGHTNING the Alliance faction on the EU Kilrogg PvE-server. We encourage each other, give PVE and PVP tips, often invite each others alts and chat on vent as well as share a forum. However their guild management is completely separate.

What THUNDER is about

THUNDER is a late night raiding guild designed to accommodate the needs of a wide range of players. The most commonly shared attributes are friendly, mature and helpful players who can only reliably play and raid later in the evenings. We start our main guild events, such as meetings and raids at 22:00 server time (9pm UK time). Within this large group we can identify several sub groups, all of which are welcome:

  • Non-raiding players who wish for a supportive playing environment.
  • Casual raiders who can raid once in a while but are not chasing end game content.
  • Raiders who wish to see end game content but the intensity/harshness/schedule/pressure of hardcore raiding guilds do not suit them.

This is a very large player base, and hence we have rules to protect the intrests of the various groups and prevent them from colliding.

Joining THUNDER and status within the guild

All horde players can apply for THUNDER if they believe the guild environment may suit them. We especially encourage recruitment of real life and ingame friends.

All applications without exception will go through a process of screening to verify the following: Mature and dignified behaviour of the member, decent knowledge of english, match in play-times.

This will earn you the status of an Initiate in THUNDER. You may advance from this status to a fully fledged member if the guild receives a positive impression - time alone is not the dominating factor. Every Initiate will earn a feedback thread on our forum visible to members only, where periodically his/her behaviour will be discussed. If you left a positive impression on at least two members and an officer, and no major grievances were brought up against you, you will be promoted to a member.

All members have a raid status within the guild, depending on their goals in the game:

  • Member (does not raid)
  • Status according to the raid tier the player meets the requirements for

Status examples:

  • Ulduar Ready - The player meets the requirements for Ulduar 10/25 raids
  • Coliseum Ready - The player meets the requirements for Coliseum 10/25 raids
  • Icecrown Ready - The player meets the requirements for Icecrown 10/25 raids

Raid tier status determines the priority for raid spots.

You can change your status, purely depending on your commitment, gear and skill. A major plus to THUNDER is that you can change your approach to the game without needing to leave the soical network you are familiar with.

The only requirements for the status of Member are being mature and friendly, with decent communication in english. The basic requirements for the instance tier status will be listed for all classes/specs. The requirements and final status allocation is done by officers, mainly the class masters.

THUNDER will never demand of you to attend a certain amount of raids per week ! THUNDER will not force players to spec a certain way, but you will be expected to keep up with the requirements regardless of spec.

Meeting the requirements for the status you want: Gear requirements are entry level to the tier of raids this status is meant to play in. Being well geared from one tier below should be enough to meet them. However gear is not the only factor. Skill, in-raid behaviour and preparation with food/pots etc. will also be looked at.

In effect it means several things:

  • With fresh level 90 gear, you will not be able to start raiding the highest tier of raids THUNDER has to offer.
  • It's likely you will need to put some effort into gearing up through professions, heroics and LFR/FLEX rewards - this will also give us time as a guild to get to know you, your capabilities and your style.
  • We may be able to "boost" you through heroics & raids to speed up the process, but we are in no way obliged to do so, and you should be fully prepared to gear up without assistance.

Should you leave the guild and wish to re-apply, you will be required to post a re-application on our forum. Should you be successful in rejoining, you will have initiate status, as when joining the guild for the first time.


Raiding is conducted in tiers.

For a given raid tier, players with the corresponding status have first priority for raid spots. Players with a status for a higher raid tier come second, players with a status for a lower raid tier come third. I.e. players with Coliseum Ready status have first priority for Coliseum 10/25 raids, players with Icecrown Ready status or higher come second and players with Ulduar Ready status come third.

If too few players with the status of the corresponding raid tier or higher sign up and it's likely that we won't have enough strength to tackle the planned instance, the raid may be converted or canceled.

If the class/role composition allows, raid spot priority for players with equal status is determined by a rotation list for each raid instance.


THUNDER views raid loot as a guild resource and aims to benefit each of its members main character in order to empower both players and the guild. That being said, global loot priority will always be Main > Alt > Initiate > Disenchant. Main specs will always have priority over offspecs.

In some 10-man raids, loot distribution is done with simple need/greed rolls, where a player can only win one need roll but unlimited greed rolls per raid night. All raid participants have equal chances to win a roll, regardless of status.

In 25-man raids, loot priority is solely managed by the corresponding Time Based Suicide Kings (TBSK) list. This applies for progression raids as well as farmed instances. Raid participants have chances to win loot according to the TBSK list, regardless of status.

Mains, Alts, Initiates, changing a spec

Members can have as many alts in the guild as they wish, Initiates will be restricted to one character until they are promoted. THUNDER recognizes the need of change from time to time both in spec or character. However when a change like this is made, the member capability in his new class/spec is reassessed by the class master and the status assigned accordingly.

We frown upon changes made too frequently, and while we can not tell our members what to enjoy we may "lock out" a player of a certain raiding tier if changes are made too frequently. This however is a very rare act and will be decided upon only by the guild council.

Guild communications

Our main purpose is to have fun playing the game. Guild chat is an important way of socialising within the game - and is welcomed. It helps the team spirit and rapport building between players. Another, equally important part is participation on the guild forums. However we do not wish to see abusive language, excessive swearing or explicit sexual content on guildchat or on the forums. Neither will any form of racism, sexism, ageism or religious bigotry directed against other players be tolerated in the guild.

We share a Ventrillo server with LIGHTNING and strongly encourage its use during 5-man instances, mainly because it makes everything more fun. For raids, being able to listen to the raid leader's instructions in ventrillo is compulsory. You don’t need to be able to speak, but it is encouraged when appropriate.

Relations with other players

As a member of THUNDER you represent our guild through behaviour and chat. We strive to keep up our good reputation as a friendly and mature guild. Maturity is not a question of age, but rather of behaviour - the key principle being to not cause offence through words or deeds. We should all endeavour to:

  • Be helpful and supportive to other players to help them obtain greater skill and mastery of the game.
  • Convey a positive gaming culture.
  • Share resources as much as possible within the guild and have a Fun > Need > Greed attitude.
  • Have good relations with other players and guilds.

Guild Discipline

Overwhelmingly, the atmosphere in THUNDER is mature, relaxed and friendly. However, we have had to kick people from the guild before. Most gkicks were due to people being disrespectful of other guild members - either verbally or by their actions.

Examples of unwelcome behaviours, whether they occur within the guild or are reported to us by other guilds, include (but are not limited to):

  • Loot ninjaing
  • Bad-mouthing
  • Deliberate camp stealing
  • Excessive corpse camping
  • Deliberately training mobs towards others to grief them
  • Spamming chat channels (including guild chat)
  • Paid power levelling

In addition, activities that are against Blizzard’s ToS (such as gold buying, buying/selling accounts, using hacks and botting) lead to immediate dismissal from the guild.

The guild does not want people to share accounts. While there are no defined sanctions and we do not actively control this, we still ask members to respect that.

Guild structure

The guild is ruled by a council of 5 people. The council is responsible for strategic guild management and assures the day to day running of the guild. New council members are appointed from within the ranks of the officers.

Officers share responsibilities of the guild council and are in charge of the guild's daily business. They are highly involved in guild matters and often serve as an extended council for matters that require more opinion and discussion.

Roles to note within THUNDER:

  • Recruiting Officer
  • Guild Bankers
  • Forum Manager
  • Ventrillo Manager
  • Social Event Officer
  • Raid approval, scheduling and rotations
  • Raid Leaders
  • Class Masters - responisble for player assessment, status allocation within their class, and all the usal shop-talk
  • Loot Masters - Handling loot distribution during raids and maintaining the TBSK lists.[/list]

We are the late shift... you can sleep when you're dead.

THUNDER guild council

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