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< Storms > Edit

Realm: Altar of Storms US
Guild: Storms

Self-Proclaimed Best PVP Guild on AoS

PvP guild that often runs groups rolling alliance pugs and premades alike.
Many members of <Storms> are also in different guilds to do "Serious PvE" or "Currburr Raids"

PvE Progression:
- First guild worldwide to down Onyxia by playing Final Fantasy and/or Anime Music.
- Has successfully downed Emp. (The one in BRD not AQ)
- Completed Alterac Valley in 8 minutes.
- Completed the quest [4] Lazy Peons.
- Found Mankrik's Wife! No, seriously we did! But we can't tell you where she is.
- Found Krun Spinebreaker! ... YA RLY!

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