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You wonder what "Spetsnaz" means? The Spetsnaz, or Russian army special forces generally considered the best trained units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Spetsnaz soldiers function in much the same way as the British SAS or the United States Delta Force. They specialize in reconnaissance, sabotage and assassination. We thought it sounds cool and adapted the name :-)


Spetsnaz is a new Proudmoore raiding/casual guild striving to grow and have members raiding and PVP.

Guild RulesEdit

  1. No spamming for items or help in guild chat.
  2. Do not ask for higher level members to help power level you. Ocassianal help with hard/group quests is fine.
  3. No advertising and selling of items or services in guild chat.
  4. No begging for gold from guild members.


We currently are recruiting all 50+ levels.

We have 3 requirements for membership:

  1. 15 or older players only.
  2. All members must respect others. Bigots in any form are not tolerated in the least and are not welcome in the guild.
  3. All individuals seeking membership into Spetsnaz must register on the guild website and post their request in the Membership Request forum.

Guild HierarchyEdit

There is a 30 day evaluation period after joining. Lowest guild rank is "soldier".

Guild EtiquetteEdit

Mind you each group is different and if your group decides on a different way of doing things than that is fine. These are just friendly guidelines that I expect to be followed in normal guild hunts.

  1. At the beginning a fight, do not pull. Tanks will be responsible for that action.
  2. When in-fight, do not flee like a mad man when you have aggro unless it's required for a certain raid.
  3. Casters and Melee fighters will be assigned a certain area to fight from. This is to give healer less stress from healing rather than running around.
  4. Please do not loot midfight as we'll be needing every dps, heal and (for tanks) aggros.
  5. You may roll for 1 main spec gear, 1 off spec (after mainspec roll), and if everyone pass, gears are up for grabs but roll for them as well.
  6. Please do not give out orders or command as we will be working together.
  7. Casters please use your mana wisely and not blast them in competition to get highest dps.
  8. Once a fight with mob or boss is complete please rez any fallen companion and move on. Don't leave them behind.
  9. Healers need to watch their raid members' health. This is very vital since every dps counts.

Raid TimesEdit

All times are server time (Central).

Raid times will vary depending of many of you having jobs, errands, etc., but we try to be consistent and run at 6 server time with 30 min +- depending on how fast we fill the raid. We will find best raiding time via the Calendar in game. If you have question or an ideal raiding time let your officers know.

Raid ProgressEdit

Raiding MOP content.

External LinksEdit

  • Spetsnaz Guild Website - Come check out our guild website and if you decide to join us, submit your application online. Once in-game, type /who spetsnaz to get a guild invite.
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