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General Information Edit

  • Guild Leaders: Shogun, Bric
  • Officers: Ashy, Cialas, Kylen, Kyraia, Sentaka, Sesler


Guild Introduction Edit

Sovereign is a casual, endgame PvE based guild. Our main difference from most endgame guilds is that we will not be using a DKP system in the future; this helps to emphasize our casual style, so that even those who cannot raid 24/7, 365 have a chance to acquire better items without having to put their entire lives on hold for phat epic loot.

Sovereign also has an age requirement of 18+ to join; this is not to discriminate against other players, but is in place to attempt to insure a slightly more mature playing atmosphere. Guild drama is never fun (I've seen so much guild drama in my wife's guilds it's unreal); we hope that a more mature (age-wise at least :P) crop of players will be able to work together to progress in this game.

Level RangesEdit

Currently with over 150 members, Sovereign has members running the gambit from mid levels up to the 60s. The current trend of members gives an average level of about 50+, though the officer corp and a large portion of the roster is at or near 60, and there are many members in the 40-50 bracket. Simply said, we have a wide range of levels so there's plenty of people to group with, and we are growing and expanding daily.

Recently, we have reached the #4 spot of Alliance guilds on the server. Astonished would be a good word for my reaction, but with players this talented, who would argue?

Focus Edit

Our main focus as we near 60 will be that of PvE content; however, we will not discourage PvP activity. The focus will be on end-game raiding, though it will not be as hardcore or restrictive as many guilds. Everyone has a chance to go, everyone has a chance for loot.

Guild UpdatesEdit

Members are reaching the higher echelon of leveling; we have 60s and 50s out the ying-yang (wherever that is). We're starting the process of gearing up for endgame, so please seek us out if you're looking for an excellent casual end-game experience.

The guild has recently started running ZG; the first night was a smashing (or cutting) success. So from now on, I'll keep track of our raid progress here. We'll move slowly, but deliberately.

Raid ProgressionEdit


Defeated (in order of defeat):

Venoxis, Snake Aspect

Jek'lik, Bat Aspect

Bloodlord Mandokir, Ass-kicking aspect

Mar'li, Spider Aspect

Ruins of AQ


You can also check our raiding progress on the Sentinels raid progression page, at:

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