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Something Wicked Tabard

Arms: ascendant Laurel Or on sable field, Laurel Or attendant

Summary: A small guild of ((Real Life)) friends, focused on single-party Instances, 10-player raiding, questing, and Battlegrounds action. Headquartered on the Feathermoon Roleplaying Server.

Founded: April 1, 2005

Founding Members/The Archfiend Council

Blodeuwedd (Tauren Druid)
Dresner (Undead Rogue)
Lortuna (Troll Priest)
Miserere (Undead Mage)
Rubysolstice (Tauren Shaman)
Pakishi (Troll Mage)
Sgian (Troll Rogue)
Avramond (Undead Warlock)
Velidd (Orc Warrior)
Wolan (Tauren Druid)
Hokalugi (Troll Hunter)

Rank Structure

Archfiend: Guild leaders, all of whom have full guild permissions. There is no Guildmaster in S.W. Archfiends can only be replaced if they either step down from the guild, cancel their account, or delete their character. Should an Archfiend step down, the most senior of the Malefactors step up to take their place.

Malefactor: Top ranking officers, who have access to most guild permissions. While not founding members of the guild, Malefactors are long time members of the guild or true and trusted friends who have joined. This is the highest level to which non-founding members (or the "alternate" characters of Archfiends) can rise, unless one of the current Archfiends steps down. Archfiend characters can chose to move their alternate character up to Archfiend rank, but this requires that they move their Archfiend character down to Malefactor.

Sociopath: Confirmed members of the guild, who have joined since creation. While they might not have "earned their spurs" yet by having been with the guild long, they are still valued members, with full membership rights and just as much of a say in guild matters as anyone else. There is no set time-frame in which Sociopaths may move up to Malefactors... it is considered on a case-by-case basis by the Malefactors and the Archfiends.

Misanthrope: The "probies", probationary members of the guild who have been invited, but not yet confirmed as full-fledged members. They can still participate in guild activities and chat, but they're not yet well known enough to get a full say in all matters. Misanthropes only keep this rank until confirmed as full members by an officer other than the one who invited them.

Roleplay Guidelines

Little or no roleplay in Guild channel (guild is considered OoC). Roleplay strongly encouraged in dealings with other non-guild players, either in /party or /say channels. This setup is principally due to the fact that, as a group of close friends scattered all over the world by circumstance, WoW is our primary means of communication and keeping in touch. Constant, intense roleplay can cause difficulties in that.

Code of Conduct

I. Be curteous, polite, and clean-tongued in the presence of strangers, both Horde and Alliance.

II. Regardless of Faction, no living being is your enemy unless they have proven themself hostile to yourself or your allies. Prey animals are not to suffer unduly, as they are not your enemy, but your benefactor.

III. Cowardice is loathesome, but selfishness is treason.

IV. If you take yourself too seriously, you're opening yourself up for antagonism.

V. All are equal, and all are welcome.

VI. Be patient, noble, and tolerant... but if another threatens or harms you or yours, send him to his grave with extreme, gleeful, and shockingly violent prejudice.

VII. Most importantly, life is short. Have fun, and enjoy the company.

Missions Accomplished

Ragefire Chasm
Wailing Caverns
Shadowfang Keep
Blackfathom Depths
Razorfen Kraul
Scarlet Monastery
Sunken Temple
Blackrock Depths
Lower Blackrock Spire
Dire Maul

Tradeskill Information

Blodeuwedd: Dragonscale Leatherworker / Skinner

  • List of craftable items

Dresner: Master Elemental Leatherworker / Master Enchanter

Lortuna: Artisan Herbalist / Artisan Alchemist

  • List of craftable items

Miserere: Master Tailor / Artisan Miner

  • List of craftable items

Pakishi: Tailor / Enchanter

Sgian: Master Tribal Leatherworker / Master Skinner

  • List of craftable items

Velidd: Armourcrafting Blacksmith / Miner

  • List of craftable items

Wolan: Master Alchemist / Artisan Enchanter

  • List of craftable items
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