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Soldiers of Azeroth are one of the oldest and best performing raiding guilds on Server:Aggramar_Europe. Our aim is to complete raiding content in a 3 night schedule by being focused, efficient and performing at our best. We aim to provide a supportive, friendly and team-oriented raiding environment.

Overview Edit

Soldiers of Azeroth was formed on Aggramar in May 2005 and is therefore one of the older guilds on the server. Our shorter raid times (starting late enough for UK players) and three day schedule is a trademark, and hasn't hampered our progress. Our current focus is raiding 25 man content.

Guild Progress Edit

Cataclysm raiding

WotLK raiding

TBC raiding

Pre-TBC raiding

History Edit

This guild was originally formed by Beroc on 15 May 2005, and by October 2005, had over 300 members and was the 12th largest guild on the server. The guild started raiding Zul'Gurub with allied guilds in March 2006, and joined the Dawnheart Alliance (later renamed Nexus) in May 2006, which started raiding Molten Core, clearing it in October that year. During TBC, Soldiers of Azeroth cleared Black Temple and Battle of Mount Hyjal and were one of the higher ranking guilds for progression on Aggramar. In WotLK we progressed well and killed Halion on heroic and 11/12 heroic modes in Icecrown Citadel towards the end of the expansion. 25 man raiding in Cataclysm began in January 2011.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

  • Friday, 20:30-00:00 Server - 25 man raid
  • Sunday, 20:30-00:00 Server - 25 man raid
  • Tuesday 20:30-00:00 Server - 25 man raid

Normal mode instance (10 mans) are run occasionally on other nights by volunteer raid leaders.

Guild Charter & Rules Edit

The guild charter and rules can be found at this link.

Recruitment Edit

To apply to join the guild, interested parties should visit this link.

Officers Edit

These are the officers of Soldiers of Azeroth. They may be contacted in game for more information.

Fayre, Guild leader
Mobé, Officer
Toby, Officer
Finnhumppa, Officer
Ashen, Officer