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Serenity is an Australian PVE Alliance raiding guild on Proudmoore. We believe in balancing real life with game play but at the same time we don’t take a casual attitude when it comes to raiding. We put all of our concentration and effort into progressing through new content, and for older/farm content we have a bit of fun and move through it with laughs and with friends.

We are a strongly connected group of friends who stick together, help each other and have a sense of family, respect, fun & cheek. Joining Serenity is joining a dedicated team of experienced players who will be as committed to you as they are to the guild.

The guild leadership is focused on reflecting the views, desires, opinions and goals of its members so that everyone is working towards the greater good of the guild. Decisions made by leadership about direction, recruitment, performance etc. are open and transparent. We believe strongly, that every guild member has a right to a say in the direction of the guild. And this is a game so it should be fun, not work.

To submit an application, please go to "" or whisper one of our officers.

Vision Edit

"Serenity seeks to be an enduring guild based on friendship and common values. We will have the focus and unity to destroy every boss WOW has to offer and have fun doing so. We believe in balancing real life with game play but we don’t take a casual attitude when it comes to raiding."

Raid Times Edit

  • Monday 7:30pm – 10:30/11:00pm (AEST Syd/Melb)
  • Wednesday 7:30pm – 10:30/11:00pm (AEST Syd/Melb)
  • Sunday 7:30pm – 10:30/11:00pm (AEST Syd/Melb)

Ideal Candidates Edit


  • Steady & consistent contribution to raids through healing, DPS etc.;
  • An exceptional understanding of your class;
  • Preparation: strategic knowledge of fights, knowing and understanding your role, having consumables when it’s necessary for progression, etc.;
  • Teamwork: following instructions working with the group;
  • Willingness to avoid the status quo.


  • Maturity and focus is expected;
  • Members should be part of our community by posting on the forums and being active in guildchat;
  • Maintain a positive and helpful attitude about the game;


  • 75% of raids (minimum requirement)
  • Proactive about sign ups;
  • Communication about availability and time restrictions.


  • Level 80 and the best possible gear for your current wow situation;
  • Solid internet connection;
  • Venti with mic preferred – you don’t need to talk although we’d like to hear you! But you must be prepared to listen to raid instructions;
  • Comprehensive understanding of your class;
  • Willingness to farm consumables;
  • Preparation and understanding of raid fights, reading strats, etc.;

Officers Edit

Hallie, Tempest, Kallinar, Avantgarde, Kikkateer, Leucocepha

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