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Announcements Edit

Seekers is currently in a selective recruitment phase. We are attempting to focus more on quality over quantity. All classes and specs are being considered so long as they meet certain gear and skill requirements. Attendance on Wednesday and Friday night raids is a must.

Info Edit

Founded December 2004, Seekers is one of the oldest guilds, if not the oldest, on Gilneas US. Of the original charter signers, only Farrar and Zannis are still active players.

In January 2005, Seekers and Knights of the Keep merged, greatly increasing the depth of the guild, followed by another merger with yet another guild, Forerunners, in the summer of 2006. Assisting Farrar at the time with leadership, both Broaf and Ownidge helped Seekers begin it's journey as a raiding guild, clearing UBRS, Zul' Gurub, AQ20, Ony, and finally, Molten Core, getting it's first Ragnaros kill the weekend before Burning Crusade launched.

Following the launch of Burning Crusade, like many guilds at the time, Seekers lost a large part of its raid core during the transition from 40 man raiding guild to 10 man Karazhans. Rebuilding from the ground up, the current officer roster (see below) has helped rebuild Seekers into a 25 man raiding guild, having cleared Kara, ZA, Gruul, Mag, and most of SSC and TK.

Current short term goals include finishing off SSC and TK, and taking our first steps into Hyjal and Black Temple.

Always considered a 'Casual guild with a Hard Core mentality', Seekers raids new progress on Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30, Eastern Standard time. All other nights are devoted to farmed content at the convenience of its members.

Membership Edit

The guild is led by a council which is required to vote on all major guild decisions. Officers are members who have distinguished themselves as trustworthy representatives of the guild. Members have access to the guild bank. In addition, we have crafters who make it their mission to obtain exotic recipes and will happily craft items for any guild member, if mats are provided or available to the member from the guild bank.

Leaders Edit

  • Farrar- Founder of Seekers of Lore; Guild Leader;


  • Zannis- Guild Charter Signer, Raid Leader
  • Ceril- Main Tank and strategy, Raid Leader
  • Mezzaluna- Main Heal Assignments and Strategy, Raid Leader

Officers Edit

  • Damiius- Recruitment
  • Riynn
  • Brandt
  • Naritas
  • Vloshko (he's Cold)

Members Edit

We have grown to over 70 members and accounts, with over 200 characters in guild. We couldn't name all of the faces we team and work with on a daily basis if we tried.

However, some notable long time members who make up the heart of the guild include (In no particular order) Xenohart, Weakersauce, Delerfana, Nightcheetah, Aryssa, PdrDarthz, Loose, Endon, Bertrude, Bertune, Zergus, Uboo, Thoor, Morganlafaye, Sunspine, Kasmir, Ikissfutebol, Coldwinter, Ownidge, Broaf, Dunhillan, Clarrgin, Gamingmaestr, Hanarg, Cornellius, Jinki, and Sylvannire.

Required Addons Edit

  • Omen
  • Pally Power, Class specific to Paladins
  • Bigwigs or DeadlyBossMods, either one
  • Smartres, Class specific to Paladins, Priests, and Shaman
  • For damage meters, most of us seem to prefer Recap at the moment

Guild Bank Edit

All Guild Members receive a discount of approximately 20% from the cheapest available buyout on the auction house. If no items are available at auction for reference, or if item prices are inflated, wowecon's index can be used. All members receive a daily repair allowance. Respecs will be funded by the guild bank if asked by council for the sake of any raid.

Future Plans Edit

  • Prepare for Lich King.
  • Kill Illidan! Rawr!
  • Maintain a casual attitude while working towards a marginal degree of progression.