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Horde 32 Server:Suramar US

General InformationEdit

Sanctuary is a raiding guild on the PvE server Suramar (PST). Sanctuary was founded by most of the players from Avengers of the Horde when it disbanded. It is now a culmination of many great talents and guilds on Suramar, and has been raiding (past UBRS) since the Zul'Gurub Patch of 1.7 on September 13, 2005.

The guild leader is currently Durlen.

The Sanctuary Guild Forum can be found here.[1] The old one can be found at [2] if you want to discuss anime.


Current Expansion: Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

Naxxramas Edit

Boss Status Date
Plague Quarter 10 Man/Cleared 11/28/2008
Abomination Wing 10 Man/Cleared 11/27/2008
Military Quarter 10 Man/Cleared 11/29/2008
Arachnid Quarter 10 Man/Cleared 11/25/2008
Sapphiron 10 Man/Cleared 12/1/2008
Kel'Thuzad 10 Man/Cleared 12/1/2008
Plague Quarter 25 Man/Cleared 12/10/2008
Abomination Wing 25 Man/Cleared 12/23/2008
Military Quarter 25 Man/Cleared 12/18/2008
Arachnid Quarter 25 Man/Cleared 12/09/2008
Sapphiron 25 Man/Cleared 12/23/2008
Kel'Thuzad 25 Man/Cleared 12/23/2008

Obsidian Sanctum Edit

Boss Status Date
Sartharion 10 man 0 Drakes 11/29/2008
Sartharion 10 man 1 Drake 1/3/2009
Sartharion 10 man 2 Drakes
Sartharion 10 man 3 Drakes
Sartharion 25 man 0 Drakes 12/9/2008
Sartharion 25 man 1 Drake 1/12/2009
Sartharion 25 man 2 Drakes
Sartharion 25 man 3 Drakes

Malygos Edit

Boss Status Date
Malygos 10 Man/Cleared
Malygos 25 Man/Cleared

Pre Wrath of the Lich King RaidsEdit

Black Temple Edit

Boss Status Date
High Warlord Naj'entus Dead February 27, 2008
Supremus Dead February 28, 2008
Shade of Akama Dead March 3, 2008
Teron Gorefiend Dead March 27, 2008
Gurtogg Bloodboil Dead April , 2008
Reliquary of Souls Dead June 23, 2008
Mother Shahraz Dead June 28, 2008
Illidari Council Dead July 1, 2008
Illidan Stormrage Dead August 25, 2008

Mount Hyjal Edit

Boss Status Date
Rage Winterchill Dead February 7, 2008
Anetheron Dead February 18, 2008
Kaz'rogal Dead March 20, 2008
Azgalor Dead March 27, 2008
Archimonde Dead May 12, 2008

Tempest Keep Edit

Boss Status Date
Al'ar Dead
High Astromancer Solarian Dead
Void Reaver Dead
Kael'Thas Sunstrider Dead February 6, 2008

Serpentshrine Cavern Edit

Boss Status Date
Hydross the Unstable Dead
The Lurker Below Dead
Leotheras the Blind Dead
Fathom-Lord Karathress Dead
Morogrim Tidewalker Dead
Lady Vashj Dead January 15, 2008

Gruul's Lair Edit

Boss Status Date
High King Maulgar Dead
Gruul the Dragonkiller Dead

Zul'Aman Edit

Boss Status Date
Nalorakk Dead
Akil'zon Dead
Jan'Alai Dead
Halazzi Dead
Hex Lord Malacrass Dead
Zul'jin Dead


Boss Status
Attumen the Huntsman Dead
Moroes Dead
Maiden of Virtue Dead
Opera Dead
The Curator Dead
Shade of Aran Dead
Terestian Illhoof Dead
Netherspite Dead
Prince Malchezaar Dead
Nightbane Dead

Pre TBC RaidsEdit


Boss Status Date
Skeram Dead July 17, 2006

Blackwing LairEdit

Boss Status
Razorgore the Untamed Dead
Vaelastrasz Dead
Broodlord Lashlayer Dead
Firemaw Dead
Ebonroc Dead
Flamegor Dead
Chromaggus Dead
Nefarian Alive

Moltern CoreEdit

Boss Status
Lucifron Dead
Magmadar Dead
Gehennas Dead
Garr Dead
Baron Geddon Dead
Shazzrah Dead
Sulfuron Harbinger Dead
Golemagg Dead
Majordomo Executus Dead
Ragnaros Dead

Other RaidsEdit

Boss Status
Azuregos Dead
Kazzak Dead
Taerar Alive
Ysondre Alive
Emeriss Alive
Lethon Alive
Onyxia Dead
Zul'Gurub Complete
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj Complete
Doomwalker Dead

Legendary ItemsEdit

Sanctuary made [Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros] which went to Bhess.

2 Rogues and 3 Warriors had the left half of [Bindings of the Windseeker]. Nerf RNG.

[Warglaive of Azzinoth] - Underkaos, August 25, 2008

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