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About Risen Edit

Risen is an World of Warcraft guild on the Proudmoore server who are focused on PvE end-game Raiding.

Started by a group of friends who began playing early in the Closed Beta, Risen's is a well organized guild of successfully participating in end-game content. Whilst Risen expects a high level of skill and teamwork from members they do not raid with the same frequency of the more hardcore guilds. Risen's raid schedule averages around 2-3 times a week as they acknowledge that many skilled, intelligent players also have commitments outside of WoW.

Risen is a largely a mature guild and frown upon l33t speak, people with no teamwork skills and those unable to take a joke or two at their own expense without throwing a hissy fit.

If you're interested in joining, you should visit the website and read the recruitment forums and post an application.

Raid Activities Edit


Blackwing Lair

Four Dragons



Gruul's Lair

Leadership Edit

Risen officers are:

Mephasq (formerly Phrak/Qaell) - guild leader








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