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Prophecy is a Scandinavian Alliance PvE raiding guild dedicated to 25man content. We formed November 10th 2007, mainly with members from some of the other fine PvE guilds on Runetotem. We started out as a Danish only guild, but quickly realized that in order to progress more effectively we needed to expand to Scandinavian recruitment, mainly Swedish and Norwegian. For effective progress and fair distribution of loot, Prophecy uses loot council and not DKP.

Guild progress


Prophecy was formed November 10th. 2007 by Zhira and Sharian.

The idea of Prophecy started because we heard a lot of people from some of the older, now disbanded, Danish guilds talking about how much they missed the old days, the raiding atmosphere, the laughs on TS and such. We started approaching those we knew had immediate interest and within a week we had 20 rock solid raiders wanting to join. The next step was to find out whether those 20 players knew anyone ingame who would like to join. The next 20 players we got were primarily from other Runetotem guilds such as Voice of War, The Untouchables and Lorem Ipsum. The last spots we recruited through after guild launch.

Weekly raid schedule

  • Monday, 7:30 PM Server
  • Wednesday, 7:30 PM Server
  • Thursday, 7:30 PM Server
  • Sunday, 7:30 PM Server

What we raid is determined by factors such as instance lag, raid setup and of course priority in progress.

Guild rules

  • You’re level 80, age 18+ (age can be discussed) and understand Scandinavian (We speak Danish / Norwegian / Swedish).
  • You’re mature of behavior.
  • You’re able to raid 3-4 days a week (we require 75% attendance = 3days).
  • You’re able to connect to TeamSpeak (mic is no demand yet, but you have to listen).
  • Your gear is good (Crafted, Badges, 10man and upwards).
  • You're able you to keep yourself fully buffed in raids.
  • You're able to take criticism and advice from fellow guildies.


Sharian, Guildmaster

Zhira, Officer 
Responsible for physical DPS and recruitment

Thaladar, Officer 
Raid leader and responsible for magical DPS

Qaznil, Officer 
Responsible for healing

Zelani, Officer 
Raid leader
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