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A few brave souls decided to create a new 25 men raiding guild on July 1st 2010 thus experiencing raids from Wotlk until now. The guild is formed by mature (well mostly anyway) individuals with the majority of us being original vanilla raiders who want to experience the raiding content in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

We raid *exclusively* 25 men and want to keep it that way. Our goal is to balance good progress while having a laugh with friends. As a result we expect people to come prepared to raids, ready to give their best game but who do not take themselves too seriously. The guild also has a strong social aspect with Fun Runs organised during the week, and we have at least 4 people in the top 10 of Pet Battlers in the realm...


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To keep up the progress we are looking for:

damage dealers, especially warlocks and ehn/ele shamans

but some other classes will be considered too.

Raid Schedule

The raid times are 20:00-23:15 server time (invites start at 20:00, first pull at 20:15) on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. People are expected to have 75% attendance in a calendar month, loot is distributed by EPGP and signup is done via the in-game calendar.

How to Apply

If you have any further questions please check out our website or contact one of the officers: Taø (GM), Fleurexq, Auchter, Mirko. Our Council is available for info as well: Pollon, Muuletentje, Lleu.

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