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Alliance 15Phoenix Risen is a World of Warcraft, Alliance guild on the Icecrown US server. Phoenix Risen consists of a strong core of talented and skilled players who have forged lasting friendships with one another during the course of several online games. Phoenix Risen members are primarily older and mature players who lead successful and busy lives outside of the game. Several members have joined one another over a vast selection of online games including, but not limited to: Star Wars Galaxies, Ultima Online, Ever Quest, Final Fantasy XI, and more.

Phoenix Risen is primarily a PvE guild that promotes family and friendship. Phoenix Risen does not use a DKP system, believing our members are mature enough to allow for even distribution of loot while on raids. Phoenix Risen is not a hard-core raid guild but is striving to complete the end game. While we do indeed want to see all that the game has to offer, we'd rather have fun while getting there.

If you are interested in joining Phoenix Risen please visit our website and fill out an application.

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Phoenix Risen features our own privately owned an operated Team Speak server that is 100% free for members to use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are interested in chatting with Phoenix Risen, please contact one of our officers in game or on our website.

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