Peace Corps @ Antonidas

World of Warcraft Alliance Guild founded by Sereníty, author of Path Of The Peaceful Druid.

The guild is based on the premise of leveling to level cap without killing anything. Experience points come from non-kill quests, gathering, exploring, Pet Battles (which currently give no kill-stats), and Archeology. The main goal being to keep the Kill stats at, or as close to - - (zero) as possible. The premise of no-kill is based not on any belief, philosophy, or ethic, but solely on the World of Warcraft in-game mechanic, and Stats tab of the individual character.

This began as a personal goal to see if it was possible. Sereníty quickly found herself founding Peace Corps to accommodate everyone excited to join her on her journey. Shortly after starting the guild, they found the need for a sister-guild to test quests to see if they resulted in personal kills, and thus Peace Corps Test Squad was founded.

Everbloom, who was one of the main inspirations for this, has made it to level 85 without killing a single creature OR turning in a single quest. Everbloom's achievement has made it into many gaming magazines and websites, such as MMO Champion and Gamespy.

Everbloom has announced she will be transferring over to Antonidas to join <Peace Corps>, but complications due to an inactive, low level, Death Knight with the name Everbloom has made the problem tricky, as Everbloom does not want to lose her current name.

As of 2.8.2014, Peace Corps has a roster of 231 chacters, including 7 who have reached level 90.

They have a Horde-based sister guild, <Peace Cørps>, complete with it's own test squad, <Peace Cørps Death Squad>.

They also have a Peace Corps website.

Unfortunately, due to the phased starter-zones, Death Knights are not able to be played in this [playstyle as they cannot phase into the world without killing. Pandaren and Goblin are not able to progress in this play-style, unless begun as a different race, leveled to around 15, then undergo a paid race transfer. Worgen are able to swim out of Gilneas, drown themselves, and will resurrect in Westfall. It might be a death march as a level 1 to get to the safe zone of Elwyn Forest, but it's possible.

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