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Server: Balnazzar(EU) (PvP)
Faction: Alliance
GM: Typon
Recruiting: Yes
IRC Channel: #paparazzi on Quakenet

Guild Progress

25 Player Raid Encounters
Location Bosses Killed
Gruul's Lair Kills: (2/2)
Magtheridon Kills: (1/1)
Serpentshrine Cavern Kills: (6/6)
Tempest Keep: The Eye Kills: (4/4)
Mount Hyjal Kills: (5/5)
Black Temple Kills: (9/9)
10 Player Raid Encounters
Location Bosses Killed
Karazhan Kills: (9/9)
Zul'Aman Kills: (6/6)


Paparazzi is the top progressing Alliance PvE guild on the Balnazzar realm. It is originally formed from members of Phoenix Flame and Nordlys, the top progressing pre The Burning Crusade Alliance guilds in the realm, shortly after the release of The Burning Crusade.

Paparazzi is dedicated towards end game instances in a relaxed atmosphere. Guild members are from a large variety of European countries.

  • 14th November 2007 Paparazzi defeated Zul'jin and the rest of his forces in Zul'Aman hours after patch 2.3 was released to Balnazzar.
  • 22nd November 2007 Paparazzi defeated their last remaining in game boss, Illidan Stormrage, in the Black Temple.

Current Raid Schedule

Raiding Sunday to Thursday.

Raids start at 19:00 PM Server time. Invites start at 18:45.

The guild is focusing on *Zul'Aman, *Hyjal Summit and *Black Temple, occassionaly doing others to get new recruits attuned.

Guild Rules

  • Guild members are expected to be online 15 minutes before raid time and to bring the appropriate amount of consumables to every raid.
  • Silent Bid DKP is used for everything up to and including Black Temple.
  • Loot Council is used for new content from patch 2.4 onwards.

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