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Order of the Eclipse is a PvE guild on Proudmoore-US server. We are a friendly, Australian based guild focused on casual PvE raiding in TBC. Order of the Eclipse primarily consists of friends and family of the Reclipse guild, and members who are not able to commit to a full-time raiding schedule yet still want to have fun in World of Warcraft.

Guild Leader: Wonderbot

Officers: Illdarian, Cutta, Thoragas, Ashalan

History Edit

Order of the Eclipse was a full-time raiding guild throughout TBC, achieving success in t6 raids up to Sunwell Plateau. Since the launch of WotLK the guild has been refocused on casual play in 10 mans and heroics, and will no longer be raiding 25 man content. Order of the Eclipse is tightly affiliated with its raiding arm, Reclipse.

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