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Odium Header

Odium is the premier casual raid guild on the Garrosh server (Horde). With success and experience from Classic, Burning Crusade, and Wrath, Odium is poised to see the same level of success in Cataclysm. Our philosophy is to enjoy a non-hardcore (casual) schedule, but to head into each raid night with hardcore ethics and values.

While we are not a “hardcore” raid guild, we do expect every player to be an expert on his or her class and to be prepared with proper gear and consumables, and to know the basics of each and every boss fight before raid time. When it isn’t time to raid, members should be active in other ways. Leveling alts, running heroics, pvp, farming mats.. these are all things that can and should be done during down time between scheduled raids. While we don’t require players to spend their entire lives in game, we do expect that guild members do things other than raid, for the sake of guild experience and character improvement.

You can see our current recruiting status and progression on our website at, as well as visit our forums, watch videos or live raids, or check recent news or articles.

When raiding, Odium requires the use of the following add-ons:
-Deadly Boss Mods
-Decursive (for classes that can remove even one debuff)

We also require the use of Mumble for voice chat.

Current raid times are: Group 2: Tuesday 8pm-Midnight (Eastern/Server Time)
(we are not currently running a 2nd group but this will be the schedule when we do) Progression: Saturday and Sunday, 8pm-Midnight (Eastern/Server Time)

If you wish to speak with an officer in game, or you cannot find the answers to your questions on our guild website, feel free to whisper Adrestea[1] (Whollyholy, Totintotems), Twreckz (Marshmello), Maerik (Flik), or Yentil (Polyblast).

Players interested in joining may whisper an officer in game, or apply via our guild website, which is located at

10-Man T12 Progression (4/7):
Lord Rhyolith

10-Man T11 Progression (12/12):
Omnitron Defense System
Halfus Wyrmbreaker
Conclave of Wind
Valiona & Theralion
Ascendant Council
Argaloth (obviously)

All our raids are streamed live at:

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