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Alliance 32

Oceania is a World of Warcraft Guild, dedicated to raiding during the Australian/Asian timezones on the PVE realm Proudmoore..

We're basically a bunch of high playtime people who are sick of having to skip work, or give up our weekends to be able to play the end game. We're here to give people who play these hours, whether from Australia, Taiwan, Japan, America, etc., the opportunity to be together with likeminded people

This guild is about tackling the highend content Blizzard creates to throw at us.. We're about being tight-knit. We're about helping each other grow, sacrificing our time and resources to help our guildmates. We're about skilled and dedicated players. We're about killing maximum content with minimum people.

The standard raiding hours of this guild are 7pm AEST till 12am AEST (Or AEDT during the appropriate months), however they can extend beyond this at times. Attendance to guild raid nights is highly encouraged. We are playing, not only for ourselves, but for each other. Those who do not feel they are capable of this should look elsewhere, they will not be tolerated here.

PVP Whilst WoW caters to PVP across all servers including PVE, Oceania is NOT a PVP guild. Therefore any guild activities that involve PVP will not incur DKP or attendance. These activities will also not be considered official guild activities and participation in any PVP activities is not mandatory.

Visit our webpage for more information. Website

UPDATE: With the creation of Australian Servers in November 2014, Oceania moved to Aman'Thul, taking with it most of the active player roster. We still serve as a home for players from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the US.

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