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Not Dead Yet (NDY) is an Alliance "casual raiding guild" in the Suramar Realm. It is ideal for those players that wish to avoid Pick-Up Group hassles, and who wish to tackle the larger dungeon challenges without 'hard-core' preparation or scheduling.

Its home page may be found at:

Guild Philosophies

A casual raiding guild seeks to strike a delicate balance between simple organization and hard-core involvement. "Casual" implies that anyone can participate. While World of Warcraft is very casual friendly, it becomes less so as the creatures increase in difficulty. Not Dead Yet tries to beat that by assembling people under a relaxed ruleset, including:

  • No by-day, by-week, or by-month attendance requirements
  • Come as you are: Bring appropriate resistance gear, of course, but don't feel obligated to grind

These principles help to foster a do-what-you-will attitude that the guild's many members appreciate. However, there are some restrictions as well, put in place to keep order, that the guild will not bend on. Members must:

  • Refrain from 'anti-social' behaviors, including abuse of public channels, chatting in ALLCAPS, name-calling, and cussing.
  • Plan their activities so that they are not raiding with another guild at the time a NDY raid is assembling.
  • Join a character to the guild if that same character is to go on the guild raids.
  • Watch the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" at least once in their lifetime. (See below.)

In the spirit of being 'fair', NDY has reviewed the options provided in many loot systems, and has settled on the use of the Suicide Kings AddOn. This AddOn is applied only for 20-man or larger raids. Need or Greed rolling is used for smaller adventures.

Guild Progression


This is an EX-parrot.


Zandalar ritual of banishment

(This section was last revised on August 27, 2007. It may no longer be accurate.)

December 10-16, 2006 was a sensational week of firsts for Not Dead Yet.

On April 20th 2007, Attumen the Huntsman was beheaded.

On June 8th, Moroes was no more.

On June 15th, the Maiden of Virtue went to her final judgment.

On June 29th, the Big Bad Wolf bit the dust.

On July 27th, Romulo and Julianne embraced that cold, cruel night.

On August 10th, the Wizard of Oz's company was blown away.

NDY raiding nights are Tuesdays and Fridays. Depending on attendance, the target will be Karazhan, or a pre-B.C. site of the organizer's choice.

Applications are being accepted for characters level 61 and above. Some classes may be rejected due to a desired quantity having been reached. If you play one of these classes and wish to join, consider applying with a different class, then bring the rejected class in as an 'alt'. Applications are placed with the guild leader, Edean, at

Additional Information

The guild name is a blatant reference to a scene in a film named Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail. It is one of many scenes that have a 'comedy sketch' feel - not really part of the plot - but typical of the looniness for which Monty Python is famous.

This theme is not applied actively within the game, but the humor behind it is. You will observe many references to the film in guild chat. That is why 'having seen the film' is considered a requirement to membership.

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