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Nightweaver Expedition is a new guild created after the Cataclysm release. It is growing day by day recluting all kind of people interested in Achievements and Guild Achievements.

Starting as a friend and family guild, its goal is to become one of the top guilds (speaking about achievements points and the nice ambient and caring people).

Guild Progress

At the moment the guild isn't raiding.


Lore Background

After the Elemental Invasions and the Cataclysm occurred, the Nightweaver family of Night Elves led by Blakenfeder Nightweaver formed the Nightweaver Expedition Guild in order to reunite people, discover the changes in the world, and defeat the new challenges that the recently re-shaped world has to offer.

Not long after the creation of the group, Blakenfeder met Dr. Jonathan Mirkmane, who was leading the Gilneas Vanguard group of worgens. After a nice chat, Mirkmane agreed to join the Nightweaver Expedition. Also, by chatting with his old penfriend Thalassar Merendoth, the old group of warriors that called themselves the Battlemasters joined the Guild to support its front against the Horde's threat.

In-game History

Battlemasters (Ragnaros US) Crest

Battlemasters' Guild Crest

Merendoth created the guild on April the 12th of 2010 with the name Battlemasters and soon passed its leadership to Blakenfeder. It was a PvP guild back then... more a casual guild than a core one. But when the time passed the guild started to do more PvE than PvP, still being a casual guild with almost no guild events.

When Cataclysm came out, it was a 1 to 80 leveling guild, so the 81+ players could go to Phoenix Knights, a guild that would resolve the lack o events and would be a core one. But it didn't go well after a while.

Then, changing Battlemasters' name to Nightweaver Expedition on January the 19th of 2011, it started to grow by inviting the members from the disbanded guild Gilneas Expedition, and a lot of characters without guild. Its Guild Master, tired of switching guilds, is going 100% on this one, and aims it to be the great guild it should have been.

Guild Policies

The membership is by invite only. But at the moment it's massively inviting aged and new players to join.

The Guild Tabard is the official tabard that the guild uses when raiding or at certain events.

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