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Mutiny is a mature social & casual raiding guild. We aim to combine casual raiding & often sexually explicit friendships to create a close-knit, fun, unique, non-judgemental casual raiding environment.

History Edit

Mutiny was formed on August 29, 2008 led by Yos & Ravenoff.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Sunday - none
Monday - none
Tuesday - 6pm; Guild LFRs
Wednesday - none
Thursday - none
Friday - none
Saturday - 6pm; 10-man Mogu'shan_Vaults

Guild rules Edit

  • All new members are required to be 18 years old or older. Do not invite any new members who are under 18.
  • Guild chat is an adults only zone. We talk about anything from music, to religion & politics, to drug use, to sex & sexuality. Mutiny officers will not censor conversations because they are not tasteful or because they are explicit or extreme. If you are easily angered or offended then you may have difficulty in Mutiny.
  • Mutiny celebrates diversity of all types and is founded on a deep respect for that diversity. We have guild members of all walks of life & this may come up in chat. You need not agree but you must respect your fellow guild members' preferences. Just stop reading guild chat if you don't like a topic. They accept you for who you are & you need to accept them. Look the other way if you do not like what you see, but don't ask them to change for you. Do not judge your fellow guild members. Accept them & love them. If you cannot do this leave the guild or you will be kicked.
  • Mutiny recognizes that all members have a right to play without harassment & members are expected to treat each other and non-guild members with respect at all times. Mutiny officers will intervene in chat or any other situation if it is deemed to be in the realm of harassment or is otherwise inappropriate.
    • Some examples of inappropriate behaviors are:
      • Negative comments or jokes based on sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, race, religion, age, body-type or any form of bigotry.
      • Being annoying. Keep spam out of guild chat. Keep pointless macros out of guild chat. If using Recount keep it in Raid Chat.
      • Begging for runs/gold/etc. You may ask once if there's something you really cannot do by yourself, but accept it if you don't get help & don't keep asking.
      • Discussing any problems you have with a guild member publicly. If you have a problem with a guild member you may whisper them privately or whisper an officer & the officer will deal with the matter while keeping you anonymous.
      • Calling guildies out in public about anything that could be embarrassing for them.
      • Using the guild bank as your trash bin. Donations of gold & consistently helpful items are appreciated. But make sure you aren't donating to the bank just because the item is crap & you don't know what to do with it. If in doubt, sell it & then donate the gold from the sale to the bank.
  • The actions of each Mutiny member will affect the reputation of the guild as a whole. You need to act with respect toward those around you in all settings.
  • If you see someone doing something you feel may harm the guild inform an Officer privately.
  • If you have an idea that you think would help the guild whisper an Officer about it. We're open to suggestions as long as they're presented respectfully, privately & don't conflict with the stated guild values/goals.
  • Mutiny is a casual raiding guild. Raids are to be run casually with an emphasis on fun & working together rather than progression. Progression is great, but being mean & elitist will not be tolerated. Fun, friendship, & working together as a group comes first even if that means we don't progress as fast as hard-core progression guilds.
  • Be dependable. If you sign up for a guild event be there. If you will try to be there but may not make it choose tentative. If you sign up/accept an invite you are responsible for being logged in ready to go at the time of the event. If you cannot come to an event you've signed up for let the event leader know asap. Either change your status yourself to tentative or out or contact him so he can.

Officers Edit

Yos, Guild Master

Ravenoff, Nonspecialist

Phairen, Nonspecialist

Wanderlust, Treasurer

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