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Macabre was formed on the Mannoroth server in December 2004 with an eye towards excellence in both PvP and high-end PvE content. Top-notch players, exceptional talent, full-time dedication, and understanding of game mechanics are required of all applicants. Recruitment information can be found on our website by following this link. For more information you can contact Handie, our recruitment officer, in-game.

Guild Progress


Macabre was formed in late 2004 by Alfred ("Alfred Bagel", Dwarf Rogue) and a close-knit crew of very talented players. Gradually, they found themselves pushing their way through Molten Core (with the help from several STNY members). Macabre dominated Molten Core and was the first Alliance guild (2nd on the server) to kill Ragnaros, while at the same time farming Onyxia while most people were still in Upper Blackrock Spire. Since the days of Molten Core and Onyxia, Macabre has remained at the forefront of both PvE and PvP accomplishments on Mannoroth and worldwide, most notably with their recent kill of Kel'thuzad (12th worldwide, 5th among US servers).

Macabre's most prominent nickname came from the early days of the server, following the rejection of a Night Elf Hunter named Nicholos. The rejection resulted in his emotional good-bye post on the Mannoroth realm forums, stating that he was leaving because:

 "[He] will never get in a good guild and get epics because Macabre owns, controls, and dominates the server with an Iron Fist."

From that point on, Macabre has been known as the Iron Fist of Mannoroth.

Weekly Raid Schedule

  • Monday - Thursday, 7:00 PM Server -- No set instance schedule.
  • Friday - Satudday, Free days.

Guild Rules

  • This is a hardcore raiding guild as such every person is expected to be able to at least 80% attendance. (Tracked on our website by eqDKP)
  • Macabre uses an Officer Merit (similar to Loot Council) Loot system. Factors such as (in no specific order) best overall use of the item, need, seniority, attendance, attitude and recent performance are all considered, as well as other things, when it comes to distributing loot.
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