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Loot FTW is an ex-hardcore PvE guild on EU-Ravencrest.


Loot FTW is one of the longest running guilds started on Twilight's Hammer, formed July 2005. Currently playing on EU-Ravencrest and they have beaten all content in-game up to World of Warcraft Legion.

Guild Progress


Weekly Raid Schedule

  • Tuesday, 19:15 Server - 25-man raid
  • Monday, 19:15 Server - 25-man raid
  • Thursday, 19:15 Server - 25-man raid
  • Wednesday, 19:15 Server - 25-man raid
  • Tuesday, 19:15 Server - 25-man raid

Guild Rules

Abuse and malbehaviour in official raids and or pickup runs, like flaming and or ninjaing are strictly prohibited. Inflammatory language with a malicious intend towards others in either guildchat or raidchat will not be tolerated. Respect your fellow guildmembers. If you have a problem with a fellow guildmember try to solve it by talking it through privately with the player in question. If you're unable to settle things inform one of the guild leaders for further assistance.

Crafters are not allowed to charge for their services if a guildmember brings them all materials needed for the craft unless the craft is subject to a cooldown in which case a small fee is warranted. If the crafter brings his/her own materials he/she is free to charge any fee he/she deems reasonable.

Wanted recipes, materials and or items acquired in official guild runs will be for your own use only. It is not allowed to put them on the AH or sell them to other players. Unwanted recipes, materials and or items found in official guild raids will either go to the guildbank or if possible be disenchanted in which case the residuals go to the guildbank.

We as a guild focus on PvE this means that on the officially planned raid days all members that are online are expected to join the raid.


Ravengaar, Guildmaster 
Ravlol, Raid Leader 
Cyosis, Officer 
Lynelle, Officer 
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