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Overview Edit

Legacy of Oblivion is a small guild made up of experienced gamers. All members are either adults or children of members. Raids are scheduled weekly. Raiding is not mandatory, but fun is. There is no active recruiting, although requests for membership are carefully considered by the dedicated officer corps on a case by case basis.

Guild Progress Edit

History Edit

The guild was founded by Koryn/Caulbraen, who is still the fearless leader and primary source of salty mage tears. The membership has grown through invitations extended to friends of existing members. Legacy of Oblivion has always been able to overcome challenges scaled for a larger group, and often without so-called "key classes". Any lack of in-game resources is more than made up for in the experience and skill of LoO members.

Raid Schedule Edit

See the guild calendar for a schedule of upcoming events:

Generally there is one Kara raid, one heroic instance, and one pvp event scheduled per week.

Officers Edit

See the Armory for current officer list

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