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Guild Information Edit

Server: Icecrown
Faction: Alliance
Contacts: Ni, Awi'tch (via our forums)

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Guild Armory Page

Background & IdeologyEdit

We are the keepers of the sacred words: "Ni", "Peng", and "Nee-wom".

The Knights who say Ni is a multi-MMO gaming group with members all over the world. Founded in 2000, we have had a strong presence in Asheron's Call (Solclaim and Verdantine servers- over 3500 avatars strong at our peak), Star Wars Galaxies (Founders of one the first metropolises, Caerbannog, on the Kauri server), City of Heroes (Freedom server), and World of Warcraft (Icecrown server). Although there are many other groups out there now who say "Ni", we're probably the first in MMOs and definitely one of the most vigorous. We love connecting with old friends and making new ones-- look for us!

We strive to comprise our membership of mature, tolerant gamers who have a sense of humor and sense of honor. (Maturity is based on personality, but we prefer that any members under the age of 18 have parents who are also guilded.) Recruiting policies vary depending on current status, so see our forums for the latest information on recruitment. There is the occasional bout of unexplained, strange phenomenon called roleplaying, but many members resist the temptation. If you haven't watched The Movie recently, go rent it!

And... bring us a shrubbery!

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