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The Knights of the Sacred is a small friendly guild that got started little over 7 years ago.

We started in Diablo II, moved on to Dark Age of Camelot (Hibernia/MLF) and then to World of Warcraft and Everquest 2. A couple of members also play Eve online.

On World of Warcraft we started on the Frostwolf PvP server (Alliance). However we recently rerolled on the Draka Normal server (Alliance). In January 2007, the guild choose the option to transfer to Arygos Normal Server.

Players interested in joining the guild, can visit our website and sign up there. New members can also look us up in game for membership.

The WoW guildleader is Dracostorm.

A listing of Guild characters is available at Guild Roster

We recently celebrated our 10 year existence as a guild.

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