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Are you Just Too Epic? One of Azgalor's finest guilds since 2008 is currently recruiting players for Legion Mythics & Raids

Just Too Epic (J2E) is a dominating Horde guild on the server Azgalor.

J2E is a casual/medium hardcore raiding guild.

Raiding has always been, and will remain, a cornerstone of J2E. However, we also welcome players outside the progression team and strive to have an active guild at all times, not just during the raid week. With Legion, we're looking forward to pushing PvE content, conquering rated BGs and generally getting everything we can out of this game.


Aeiyra, Guildmaster 
Raid Leader.
Nevell, First Officer 
Raid Leader.
Zbo, Officer
Digitaldream, Officer 
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